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tale of the lost dutchman/fiction and poetry
tale of the lost dutchman/fiction and poetry

tale of the lost dutchman/fiction and poetry
tale of the lost dutchman/fiction and poetry
Glenn Ford as Jacob Waltz

We are still waiting for the definitive Lost Dutchman novel; in the meantime see Botts, Feldman, Harding, and Squire. Although a number of these books make little or no reference to the Lost Dutchman tale, they are included because they make us of the Superstitions, or vicinity. See the Introduction for an explanation of bibliographic and publishing information, as well as notes and comments.

Allen, Rick.
The Disoriented Dutchman's Gold Mine. Parker: Outskirts Press, 2009.
Paperback, 225 pages. Publisher's website: "Joe Waltz is the great-grandson of the famous Lost Dutchman, Jacob Waltz. The location of the gold mine was lost with the death of Joe's grandmother, or so he thought. His parents have been loose-lipped about their heritage, a mistake that forces them into hiding, and now places their lives in jeopardy because of an eavesdropping con man, bent on obtaining the treasure at any cost. Joe's ex-girlfriend, now privy to his true identity, also joins in the search, and has enlisted the help of her bumbling brother and friend in her plot. With clues left by his late grandmother now surfacing, Joe's life and the famous Lost Dutchman's gold are in growing peril."

Anderson, Jane.
Mountain Moonlight. New York: Kensington Books (Zebra Books), 1999.
Paperback, 254 pages. "A Zebra Bouquet Romance." From the back cover: "Vala Channing can't decide which is more dangerous - the fact that she's about to take her troubled young son, Davis, trekking in Arizona's perilous Superstition Mountains, or that the guide that will lead them is the one man from her past she's never managed to forget. Long ago, when Bram Hunter was a reckless young rebel, he lacked the courage to approach Vala, his pretty high school classmate. Now, out in the canyons and ridges of the desert, under the shadow of the towering Superstitions, he finds himself possessed by an irresistible desire to reclaim the girl who got away."

Armstrong, Elmer M.
Home and happiness: certified contentment upon the desert. Apache Junction: Uncle Elmer Publications, 1971.
"Published by Tri-City Printing Mesa, Arizona." Spiral bound pamphlet, 50 pages with photographs by John Valentine. Written by a retiree who came to Apache Junction and wrote this little pamphlet full of musings and poetry. The Lost Dutchman story gets a paragraph or two, but the focus is on uncle Elmer's new life in the desert. Not sophisticated nor well written, but sort of charming in its account of life in an Apache Junction that has long since disappeared. "We found a people with a splendid background, well-established. A people, who had no desire to live elsewhere. Here, they desired to remain, to enjoy a great land and be happy. Apache Junction received us with a welcome hand with the sun shining upon a desert land and a contented people. We found Superstition Mountain standing out like a great giant, unmovable. We found mobile homes springing up like mushrooms everywhere. They were surrounding Superstition Mountain." That sort of thing.

Arnold, James B.
Finding the Lost Dutchman's Gold. James Arnold Books, 2021.
Paperback, 171 pages.
Paperback. $15.99.
Kindle. $6.97.

Baldwin, Dan.
The Stalking Death. CreateSpace, 2017.
222 pages. "I was so shocked that I threw a cabbage at a cat!" A startled reaction starts a chain of events that sets cowhand Grey Cochran on a trail into mystery and danger with death stalking each step of his journey. Believing that his boss, the woman he loves, has been kidnapped by the mysterious and much feared Black Legion, Cochran rides into Arizona's Superstition Mountains only to become the legion's prisoner. As he struggles to earn his freedom, his boss struggles against memory loss and the attentions of the madman who has kidnapped her. As Cochran learns the legion's secrets he discovers the fate of his boss and startling identity of a serial killer stalking the backroads of the territory. The chain of events leads inevitable to a series of explosive confrontations with the killer, the legion, and the man who has stolen the woman he loves."
Softcover. $8.99.

Baran, Richard.
The Dutchman's Gift. TotalRecall Publications, 2015.
Softcover, 128 pages. "Riley "Rocky" Stone, a twelve year old boy hiking on a family vacation in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, finds what his grandfather tells him might be an Apache arrowhead. Riley has no idea his arrowhead possesses magic. He finds himself taken back one hundred and fifty years in history on a wild adventure back to the Superstition Mountains where he meets an old miner, Jacob "Dutch" Waltz. During his time with the Dutchman, as Jacob is called, Riley encounters U.S. Cavalry deserters, two bands of Apache warriors and an old rancher, Blind Charlie before he finds himself back home with a souvenir-a large gold nugget."

Barnett, Ken.
Skeletons of Weavers Needle. CreateSpace, 2015.
Softcover, 292 pages. "Ray Garver is the Chief of Police in Apache Junction, a small quiet suburb east of Phoenix, Arizona. Garver doesn't want much out of life and what he wants he already has, except the right woman. When a week of torrential rain causes erosion of biblical proportions in the nearby mountains, his simple life will be turned upside down by two incredible discoveries, one on the mountain and the other in a vibrant new professional acquaintance. But these aren't just any mountains, they're the Superstition Mountains, and when Garver uncovers six hideous human skeletons beneath the slopes of Weavers Needle while investigating a Park Ranger's murder, a multitude of new questions surface. Are past frontier myths real? Is there any truth in old Apache legends? Can modern day technology reveal the ominous facts, or will the old bones of the Superstitions hide their mysterious secrets forever? Garver's investigation will unearth the past, uncover a growing conspiracy in the present, and propel the world into a new and unimaginable future. And when rigid scientific and religious beliefs collide, it won't be in a stuffy classroom or private corporate laboratory, but on the treacherous dusty trails of the Superstition Mountains."
Softcover. $11.99/$11.99.

Barrett, V. William.
Lost Dutchman Gold. CreateSpace, 2014.
Softcover, 278 pages. Kindle Edition. Big Tree Books, 2014. 181 pages. "A Jake Macklebee Novel." "The Lost Dutchman Goldmine in Arizona, USA, is the stuff of legend and history. In this novel, "what if" and history are mixed to create drama, humor, and mystery. Arizona Sheriff Jake Macklebee, tired of not getting the respect he deserves, retires from law enforcement in the down-by-the-border community that was in his jurisdiction for over 17 years. Barely starting his first day of retirement with a hike down to a lake to fish, Jake snags not a weed or twig but a skeleton. The body is chained to a secret corridor hidden below the water. So begins the unraveling of the long hidden secret of the Lost Dutchman Goldmine in the Superstition Mountains. Before Jake can figure out what's going on, though, certain forces are out to attack him, even silence him, and then he's on the run, dodging bullets, caught up in another episode of finding out what he has found that those forces don't want him to know: it's the discovery of the long hidden cache of Jacob Waltz's gold!"
Kindle. $6.99.
Softcover. $14.99/$14.99.

Baxa, R.J.
Hell's Gold. CreateSpace, 2016.
420 pages. Also Kindle edition, 2016. 420 pages. "It's the mid-1800's. The place is Old Mexico. After two generations of success, a prosperous mining family begins to fall on hard times. The silver deposits that provided for their lifestyle have begun to play out. The only hope for their future is a decades old, encrypted treasure map that will lead them far north, to untapped wealth beyond the imagination. Others had attempted the journey years earlier, most never returned. Those who did told stories of massacre and torture at the hands of savages who protected the area. They had no choice, they had to go!"
Kindle. $2.99.
Softcover. $14.73.

Behrens, Ellen.
Superstition Victim., 2019. "A rustic campground in the shadows of Arizona's Superstition Mountains is anything but peaceful for Walt and Betty Rollin, full-time RVers hoping for tranquil hiking and a good deal on a new RV."
Kindle edition. $2.99.

Bender, Jo Ann.
Cries in the desert: a treasure hunt gone wrong. Bloomington: 1st Books, 2003.
Large paperback, iv, 281 pages. From the back cover: "Alone and deathly afraid, Mara Ortega felt eyes watching her. A sense of the sublime rippled through the stones of the mountains – yet the seeming emptiness of the terrain northeast of the Superstition Mountains exuded a presence that haunted Mara. Could it be the spirits of the long dead Apaches who once camped along the river? Or did Mara sense the presence of the Jesuit priest, Fr. Mauer, who with two of his flock were captured by the Spaniards and then the Apaches?" This tells the tales of both Fr. Mauer and the newlyweds who found lost Spanish gold and danger.

Blake, Veronica.
Superstition. The Wild Rose Press, 2017.
Softcover, 336 pages. "Dawn Malone's move to Arizona to teach middle school has expanded her horizons. Meeting new people, hiking the desert wilderness, and the lure of gold fever in the old mine is exactly what she needs. The handsome Apache she encounters seems almost too good to be true. Mateo Two Moons' sexy, dangerous air draws her in, seducing her heart and soul. But her intrigue concerning the secrets he keeps turns to confusion and horror as she begins to realize the man she's falling for could be something she didn't even believe existed ..."
Kindle. $5.99.
Softcover. $16.99.

Bonny James.
Laura Croft Tomb Raider. Numbers 35-37. Orange: Image Comics, Inc, 2003-2004.
Stapled comic books, 32 pages (unpaged), profusely illustrated. These three Laura Croft stories are a series. They find Croft in the Superstitions looking for, among other things, the Lost Dutchman gold mine. A number of standard themes in the legend are noted, but this is really a supernatural tale where finding the gold is secondary to the battle with the Thunder God and the Black Legion of Apache warriors. Mega violent and, well, it is a comic book. By the way, the Dutchman's gold is found inside Weaver's Needle.
$2.99/$2.99 each.

Blaylock, Aaron.
Crooked Top Mountain. 2017.
Softcover, 298 pages. "Gideon's past brings him back home for a reunion with old friends. They are drawn back into the Superstition wilderness when they learn their childhood companion, prior to his disappearance, left them clues to the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine. A dark shadow looms over the deadly desert as the group uncovers centuries old secrets and must choose between truth and treasure."
Kindle. $.99.
Softcover. $11.99.

Botts Botts, Gene.
Quest for gold. Salt Lake City: Northwest Publishing, Inc., 1994.
Softcover, 195 pages. First printing, 1994. Botts has written an interesting book. By no means is he a professional or polished writer, but he is an imaginative storyteller (think Louis L'Amour). He develops a number of related stories, but the key one is about Jacob Waltz and the origins of the Lost Dutchman Mine legend. Worth reading. Botts also wrote an article for DesertUSA "ezine", Peralta Stones.
$8.95/$8.95, $8.95 signed.

Bowersock, Melissa.
Love's Savage Embrace. Centurion Books (Leisure Books, BMI) 1983, 1987.
Paperback, 241 pages. Reprinted as Superstition Gold. Author's Choice Press, 2005. Softcover, 401 pages. Historical romance. Reprinted again in 2012, CreateSpace, 378 pages. Kindle edition as well. 564 KB. "Married and widowed within a 24-hour period, beautiful Leigh Banning watches as her storybook New Orleans life crumbles away piece by piece. In a heartbroken attempt to start over, she travels to the wilds of frontier Arizona in an effort to understand the father she never knew and is rewarded with gold from the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine in the Superstition Mountains. The gold comes with a price tag, however - the murder of innocent people. Leigh's quest for justice leads her to a remote Apache camp in the company of a proud Pima Indian and a handsome cavalry officer. Torn between the fiery kisses of the Major and the respectful love of the Pima, Leigh joins forces with the Apaches to battle gold-hungry killers and in the process discovers her true self and her one true love."
2005. Superstition Gold. $22.95/$22.95.
2012. Third printing. $14.99/$14.99.
Kindle edition. $6.99.

Brown, O.L.
Superstition Mountain Dreams. Independently Published, 2022.
Hardcover, 226 pages.
Paperback. $8.54.
Hardcover. $15.95.
Kindle. $2.99.

Butler, James.
Mystery of the Lost Dutchman. James Butler, 2015.
Kindle edition, 63 pages. "Jacob Waltz, a German immigrant, came to America to seek his fortune. He found gold at least three times, twice in wagonload quantities. Once, he found the mother lode of all mother lodes. He was never legally married, but had an eye for the women. He worked as a farmer to cover his real profession as a prospector and never gave up the secret location of his treasure, which came to be known as the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, until only seconds before his death. The Mystery of the Lost Dutchman tells the story of some of the most important times in his life and the code which was never understood or broken."
Kindle. $3.99.

Caroll, Robin.
Weaver's Needle. Shiloh Run Press, 2017.
Softcover, 320 pages. "A potential client pits Landry and Nickolai against one another to find the Dutchman's Lost Gold Mine map that was stolen from her murdered husband, and the potential payday is too enticing to pass up. The trail takes them from New Orleans to Weaver's Needle in Arizona where legend claims the mine is hidden. Landry and Nickolai are no strangers to adventure, but the unlikely partners quickly discover there's someone after the treasure and there are those who want to ensure the lost mine in Arizona's Superstition Mountain stays lost forever."
Kindle. $9.99.
Softcover. $8.41.

Chapman, Renate.
Evil in waiting. New York: Avalon Books, 1974.
Hardcover with dust jacket, 189 pages. From the dust jacket: "Against a landscape ringed by the Superstition Mountains, guardians of the Lost Dutchman gold mine, and studded with gigantic, multi-armed saguaro cacti, Rae encountered her formidable rancher grandmother for the first time. In this land of sinister legends Rae was destined to also find romance, in the person of Arthur Hastings, a dark-eyed novelist with a villain like moustache, Western garb, and a Stetson hat."

Clarke, Linda Weaver.
Desert Intrigue: the adventures of John and Julia Evans. CreateSpace, 2012.
Softcover, 246 pages. Kindle edition, 337 KB. "When Julia's brother announces that his dude ranch is haunted, she believes that someone is trying to sabotage his place and force him to sell. The mysterious happenings have to do with Superstition Mountain, the lost Dutchman's goldmine, and the great Thunder God. Is it possible that the legend of the Thunder God is actually true? After a terrible thunderstorm, everyone begins to wonder. John and Julia quickly head to Mesa, Arizona and discover a few mysterious events."
$14.95. Softcover.
$5.99. Kindle edition.

Colten, James (Tom Kollenborn).
Echos of a legend. Apache Junction: CBHG Enterprises (Apache Printing), 1977.
Second edition. Pamphlet, unpaged (12 pages), with photographs and map. A poem. Kollenborn is the voice of the Superstitions, here he memorializes some of those who searched and wrote about them - in twelve pages he manages to mention a couple dozen. There is also a 45 rpm record. A Song of Superstition Mountain. Side one: Echoes of a Legend. Side two: The Old Apache Trail. Lyrics by James Colton, music by Jay Mitchell. Performed by Jay Mithcell. Apache Junction: KDM Enterprises, 1978.
Collector's edition. 100 copies. 1977. ?/?
First edition. 20 copies. 1977. ?/?
Second printing. 2,500 copies. 1977. ?/$5.00
Record. ?/?

Conde, Nicholas.
The legend. New York: NAL, 1984.
Signet paperback, 399 pages. First printing, December 1984. From the Acknowledgments "...special thanks to the legendary Doc' Rosenkranz (sic), to John Wilburn, and to Shorty' Minsen - who all are actively looking for, and deserve to find, the Lost Dutchman mine." A long, tedious and improbable story, though the ending, once it finally arrives, is imaginative and fun. The geographic locale is clearly modeled on contemporary Apache Junction and Superstition Mountain, here Coopersville and Legend Mountain. There is a lost mine still full of billions in gold ingots mined and smelted by Indian slave labor for the Spanish hundreds of years ago. The mine was found and lost, called here the Lost Russian mine, found by that famous prospector, Alexander Karalyevski - really, I not making this up. Elder Brother, the deity of Legend Mountain, protects the gold, the Indians, and the Mountain. Together with the help of a woman and her son, developers and looters are stopped. This whole work is like some strange parallel universe to the real Apache Junction, Lost Dutchman and Superstition Mountain. There is even a character named Barney Cos that in a saner universe might be Barney Barnard.

Conover, Jim.
Greenhorns and Killer Mountains. Pekin, Illinois: Lynch Law Productions, 1999.
Softcover, 429 pages. Cover illustration by the author. Set in contemporary Apache Junction and the Superstitions. From the back cover: "Ever think about having a great American adventure? Clay Morgan did. When Morgan is tossed out of work in Los Angles, he recruits four of his friends to join him in an adventure -- searching for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine in the deadliest area of the United States -- the Superstition Mountains of Arizona." The cover. Here is Jim Conover's account of writing Greenhorns and Killer Mountains: "I wrote Greenhorns and Killer Mountains using my experiences as a police investigator, a private detective and a treasure hunter. Over the years, in my visits to the Superstition Mountains and in my readings about them, I have learned that many mysterious and deadly incidents have occurred in them over the past 150 years to adventurous men and women obsessed with finding the Lost Dutchman gold mine. A very good friend of mine, Virgil W. Vogel, long time director of TV shows and feature films, told me once that he thought a new contemporary movie about a search for the Lost Dutchman would go over well with the public. After a lot of research, I wrote a screenplay featuring Clay Morgan and his friends as they embark on their first real he-man adventure. Using many of the incidents that had occurred in the Superstitions over the years, I packed them all into the time span the men were on their search - 2-3 weeks. Of course, in the story they are MY fictional versions of what happened. After writing the screenplay, and while waiting for some big time producer to snatch it up for that big feature film, I decided it would make a good novel. My friend Virgil W. Vogel passed away in January of 1996 before we could do anything with the screenplay. The novel was published by Lynch Law Productions in December of 1998."

Corbin, Helen.
Senner's Gold: over 1000 pounds of stolen Goldfield ore hidden in the Superstitions. Phoenix: Foxwest Publishing, 1993.
Softcover, x, 181 pages, with documents, maps, and photographs. On the cover: "Historian Tom Kollenborn and former attorney general Bob Corbin finally reveal their search for the other Superstition treasure." On the back cover: "An exciting factional account based on a true story that occurred in the Arizona Territory exactly a hundred years ago." Fascinating blend of fact and fiction. Al Senner highgraded a fortune in gold from the Mammoth mine in Goldfield. He hides his treasure on top of Superstition Mountain, only to later die attempting to remove it. This story unfolds when Tom Kollenborn read his father's diary and had a chance encounter with someone who provided a few more clues to the mystery. The author says, "It seems a cowboy-miner, one Al Senner highgraded over 1,000 pounds of cobbed Goldfield ore and secreted it in deerskin pouches on the top of Superstition Mountain. Senner's motive was love of a lady named Katie. This story, and the doctor who befriended them, makes for fascinating reading and provides treasure hunters with one more legend involving the now infamous Superstition Mountains." See also Kollenborn's manuscript.

Corry, D.L.
Poems of the Superstitions, Arizona and love. Phoenix: Thank You Press, 1986.
Second edition. Softcover, 48 pages. First edition, 1982, second edition, 1986. Over fifty short poems, one of which is entitled The Superstitions. Maybe the worst poetry ever put on paper.

From The Superstitions:
The Superstitions are a mountain chain,
in the heart of Arizona's desert plain.
With peaks that seem to reach the sky,
they are a delight to anyone's eye.

There once was a prospector who said he found gold,
I think it's true from the stories I'm told.
But now he is gone and his claim is unfounded,
it's still in the mountain somewhere in the ground.

The Superstitions are lovely on that you'll agree,
like the splendor of a new leaf in a tree.
But don't ever have doubt or fail to see,
she can be just as deadly as she is pretty.

Curtis, Ken.
Bizarre UFO abduction: deep within the Superstition Mountains. Apache Junction: Southwest Encounters, 1995.
Pamphlet, 20 pages. Cover title. On the cover: "The shocking stories now revealed." Four alien abductions in the Superstitions. Why not!

Curwin, Richard.
Percy Goes West: Love and Adventures in Apache Junction, Arizona. Many Seasons Press, 2019.
Softcover, 170 pages. "We all know a "Percy." Maybe there is a little bit of Percy in us all. He is the perfect picture of the sheltered, 'Big City Kid.' Look up 'Nerd' in the dictionary and you might find a picture of Percy. In Percy Goes West, Love and Adventures in Apache Junction, Arizona, the life of Percy drastically changes when he inherits a ranch in Arizona, which prompts him to burn his bridges and leave his city ways to make the big transition from 'City Boy' to "Rancher," a true man of the West.""

Dalis, Art and John Jacobsen.
Hurricane Smith and the Lost Dutchman Mine. Dewey: Rock Camp Books, 1998.
Softcover, xii, 149 pages, three appendices (3 unnumbered pages). Photographs by Art and Arvella Dalis, illustrations by Art Dalis, Wally Cates and Danny Branscum, and a map.

Davis, Dana.
Desert Magick: Superstitioins. iUniverse, 2008.
Softcover, 188 pages. SynergEbooks, 2010. 369 KB.
Softcover. $13.95.
Kindle edition. $2.99.

Davis, Susan Page.
My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela's Quandary. Barbour Press, 2017. 256 pages.
Also hardcover: Thorndike Press Large Print, 2017. "Christian Romance Series." Also Kindle edition: Barbour Books, 2017. 258 pages. "My Heart Belongs" series. Back cover: "A chance for escape takes two unlikely allies on a romantic adventure along a desert trail. Since orphaned at age twelve, Carmela Wade has lived a lie orchestrated by her uncle, pretending to be a survivor of an Indian kidnapping and profiting from telling her made-up story on the speaker circuit. But as she matures into adulthood, Carmela hates the lies and longs to be free. On a stagecoach in Arizona Territory, Carmela and her uncle are fellow passengers with US Marshal Freeland McKay and his handcuffed prisoner. The stage is attacked. Now a chance to make a new life may suddenly be within Carmela's reach. . .if she can survive the harsh terrain and being handcuffed to an unconscious man. Will Carmela's wish come true, or will she forever be branded by her past? Journey now to Tucson, Arizona, and into the Superstition Mountains of 1866, where freedom will come at a high price for two determined individuals."
Kindle. $9.99.
Softcover. $11.04.
Hardcover. $29.99.

Derleth, August William, 1909-1971.
The Return of Solar Pons. Sauk City: Mycroft & Moran (Arkham House), 1958.
First Edition. Hardcover with dust jacket, 261 pages. Limited to 2000 copies (2079 copies). Introduction by Edgar W. Smith, illustrated by Frank Utpatel. Also a paperback edition, New York: Pinnacle Books, 1975. Paperback, 277 pages. "First Printing, July 1975." Introduction by Edgar W. Smith and a map on two unnumbered pages in the back. Thirteen of Derleth's many short stories on the detective Solar Pons and his friend Dr. Parker - Derleth's clones of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. These stories first appeared in mystery magazines between 1954 and 1958. One of the stories in this collection is "The Adventure of the Lost Dutchman," which first appeared in The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine, No. 7 (Jan. 1955), copyright 1954. Pons and Parker never go to Arizona but Jacob Waltz and the Lost Dutchman Mine are mentioned and a map is central to the mystery.
Hardcover. ?/$35-$300.
Paperback. $1.50/$3-$19.

adventure of the heart Duquette, Anne Marie.
Adventure of the heart. New York: Harlequin Books, 1991.
Paperback, 189 pages. Harlequin Romance 1st edition, October 1991. Finally, a Harlequin romance! "You'd better not be lying! But Sierra Vaughn was lying. She needed a guide to take her into Arizona's dangerous Superstition Mountains, and Adam Copeland was her last chance. Adam, an enigmatic, solitary man - an intriguing man, Sierra decided - adamantly refused to get involved with a "crazy treasure hunter" looking for the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine. Sierra was looking for the mine, all right, but she couldn't tell why. So she claimed she was only doing research. When Adam finally agreed to guide her, Sierra felt relief - and regret at the lie. Because she needed Adam's help, but she wanted his respect even more. His respect ... and maybe his love." Better yet, it has been translated into German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, French and Polish.
United States edition. $1.50/$5.00.
Sternennachte in Arizona. Berlin: Cora, 1992.
   Paperback, 126 pages.
Cuori nel deserto. Milano: Harlequin Mondadori, 1993.
   Paperback, 147 pages.
Gouden momenten. Amsterdam : Harlequin Holland, 1993.
   Paperback, 153 pages.
Uskon vuorten taikaan. Helsinki]: Harlekin kirjat, 1992.
   Paperback, 158 pages.
Le tresor perdu du Hollandais. Paris: Harlequin, 1992.
   Paperback, 151 pages.
Przygoda serca. Warsaw: Arlekin, Harlequin Enterprises, 1992.
   Paperback, 155 pages.

Eagen, D. Arthur.
The Adventures of Clint Davis:In the Superstition Mountains. Dog Ear Publishing, 2017. Softcover. Kindle edition, 71 pages. "It starts with a treasure map. A young engineer is tired of his steady 9-to-5 job, tired of his fast-paced lifestyle in Phoenix Arizona, and tired of being saddled with those boring projects at work. He yearns to find adventure, slow down his daily life, and live off the grid. Clint Davis wants to push the limits of his physical, emotional, and social limitations. He uses an old treasure map to explore a different life, prospect for gold in the wilderness, and encounter adventures beyond his imagination. Join Clint as he follows his dreams of gold, solitude, and adventure in the Superstition Mountains, and discovers what he really wants in life."
Kindle Edition. $9.99
Paperback. $11.95

An Adventure in the Superstitions. Dorrance Publishing, 2011. Softcover, 50 pages. Kindle edition:143 KB . "Consumed with gold fever, Clinton 'Clint' Davis heads for the Superstition Mountains in a quest for the mother lode. Walk in his footsteps as he survives a harsh environment filled with the unexpected and unbelievable. Meet the denizens of a greatly misunderstood wilderness face to face as his experiences enhance the many legends and myths of a mysterious mountain chain. Feel the emotion of the events that lead to a strengthening of this young man's character."
Kindle Edition. $5.00
Paperback. $8.95

Ely, Herbert Dean.
Massacre Gold. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016. Paperback, 248 pages. Also: Amazon Digital Services, 2016. Kindle edition, 212 pages. "Massacre Gold" is a fictionalized story based upon the massacre, in Arizona, of the Peralta Miners; and the origin of the Lost Dutchman Mine's gold. In 1848, in the Office of El Presidente Santa Anna of Mexico, a deal was struck between El Presidente and Don Miguel Peralta of Arizpe, Sonora. The agreement provided funding and military support for a large expedition to proceed northward into the area of Sonora, which eventually would become southern Arizona. The expedition's mission: to retrieve as much remaining gold from the old mines in the north as possible, before negotiations regarding the Gadsden Purchase could be completed. These mines were originally controlled by Spanish Missionaries over a hundred years earlier; and later, by the Peralta family under a younger Don Miguel Peralta. The trek through the desert was long and difficult. The event is portrayed from the positions of both the Peralta Miners as well as the Yavapai and Apache tribes. The lives of the personnel of this enterprise became interwoven as the huge caravan moved toward the old mines. Don Miguel Peralta - the Sonoran aristocrat, Manuel Peralta - his son, El Capitan Garces - Captain of Cavalry, U-Day-Ah - the Yavapai girl, O-hi-Cama - the Yavapai warrior, Nann-Chaddi - the Yavapai chieftain, and Lieutenant Diego DaVia - the very capable soldier; all move inevitably toward the final tragedy at "Massacre Ground". The story continues to this day in the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona. And yes, I have been there."
Kindle. $2.99.
Softcover. $15.28.

Feldman, Ron.
Crooked Mountain. Apache Junction: World Publishing Corp., 2000. Softcover, 311 pages, One map, by John Wilburn, and one photograph. Cover title: Crooked Mountain / The Legend Continues... Second printing from 2002 adds one new page at the end, Author's Note with a picture of Ted Cox and the sentence "The author of this book obtained a Treasure Trove permit with the United States Forest Service in the year 2002. The place know as Geronimo's Cave will be reopened." From the back cover: "Traveling on foot through some of the most rugged desert terrain in the world, Ted Cox with his dog Coy, desperately try to make it to the Quarter Circle U Ranch in the Superstition Mountains. Ted is seriously ill and his dog's feet are blistered from the hot desert floor. Finally arriving at the ranch, he inadvertently overhears a plot to murder Adolf Ruth, a man who has come to search for the illusive Lost Dutchman Mine. While trying to prevent Ruth's murder, Ted becomes entwined in a high stakes journey filled with mystery and scandal, when he also learns of a more sinister plan, which began when Arizona was still a territory."
     Feldman's "fiction" gives us a lot to think about - he knows all the ins and outs of Dutchman lore and he packs a lot of it into his story. As it turns out, Ted's adventure is a dream, we hope, and in this dream Feldman is freed to propose a number of fascinating speculative reconstructions about Waltz and other major figures in the legend. Actually, what Ted dreams is more a nightmare; Feldman's take is decidedly pessimistic and grim. This is a unique work only someone like Feldman could have written. Very interesting, don't miss it. Ron Feldman is a well known figure in Dutchman circles and Apache Junction and co-author of ZigZag Canyon, The Legend of Gold Gulch with Mic McPherson. Feldman's business website.
$19.95/$19.95, signed.
Second printing. $19.95/$19.95 signed.

Deep Fault. Ron Feldman, 2005. Softcover, 221 pages, photographs and map. Cover design by Odessa Kelley. From the back cover: "The story centers around Ron Feldman, wilderness guide, novelist and treasure hunter. Ron is contacted by a leader of a militant organization who is involved in a sinister plot to overthrow the United States Government. If Ron will help them with their bold plan, he will be shown the location of the most famous lost mine in the world. His choice will lead you on a trail of treasure worth millions." A lost treasure tale wrapped in a political thriller in which Feldman finds what is left of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Interesting and enjoyable.
     Of particular note are the Epilogue and Appendix which detail Feldman's non-fictional activities with H.E.A.T. (Historical Explorations and Treasures) as he sought and received a permit from the U.S. Forest Service to investigate a mine in the Superstition Wilderness he refers to in the story as Geronimo's Cave. This is fascinating and of real significance. Quoting the Appendix (the Archeological Report on the mine prepared by Dr. Glenn E. Rice and Eric Steinbach): "Although H.E.A.T. found no gold in the mine (and indeed, no other artifacts other than the support beams), the investigation has documented a type of mine that on the basis of technology and archival research must pre-date 1860, and thus is very likely to be an example of a mine excavated during the Mexican period of influence in the Arizona Territory. The documentation of the adit provides an historical basis to the stories and traditions concerning Mexican-era mines in the Superstition Wilderness, and contradicts the general consensus in the historic literature that there were no Mexican mining ventures in the Superstition Wilderness."
$19.95/$19.95 signed.

Ford, Jerald.
The Circle of Greed., 2010. Softcover, 214 pages. Kindle edition, 2010. 295 KB. "When Brad Chambers and his best friend Kyle Taggart venture into the Superstition mountains to research the legend of the Lost Dutchman mine, they discover a mystery decades old that leads them on a trail of murder, deceit and greed that stretches a hundred years to the days of the wild, wild west."
Softcover. $16.56.
Kindle edition. $5.00.

Francis, Marilyn. 1920-
Thunder in the Superstitions. Phoenix: Firebird, 1959. Pamphlet, 18 pages. More poetry. Very melodramatic telling of a tale of Peraltas and the Apaches, then Walzer(sic) and Wisner(sic) and the Apache woman that Waltz saves, who in gratitude shows him the source of the gold, only to lose her tongue and her life at the vengeful hands of her kin. In 1959 she won the National Writers Club, Poetry Contest award for narrative poem, Thunder in the Superstitions.

Two examples (really, these are some of the better portions):
He climbed the hill which overlooked the pit.
A blackened fire lay sullenly below,
Where arrow-stuffed and skewered to a spit
Was what had been Jake Wisner long ago.
The body blocked the entrance to the mine,
A guard become a bristled porcupine.

The years passed lazily around the town,
The people watched old Jacob at his chores.
'They say he's got his gold all sodded down
Around that house of his, beneath the floors.
He's old for climbing mountains and for fights.'
But people kept a watch on summer nights.

Freese, Gene.
Wrangler Ray and the Legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold. 2020. Softcover, 125 pages. "So, Ray jumps at the chance to hire on his horses Buck and Ringo for a new western movie being made in the heart of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona."
Softcover. $7.24.
Kindle. $4.49.

Fuller, John G.
The Great Soul Trial. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1969.
Hardcover with dust jacket, 405 pages. On the dust jacket: "The gripping story of the prospector who left a fortune to a study of the soul." Fuller is a well known writer who got interested in this little Arizona drama in 1968. The result is this semi-autobiographical account of his investigation and conclusions. It is a rather involved story, but in essence it is this. In 1949 James Kidd, an Arizona miner and prospector, disappeared without a trace on a prospecting trip. He may have been in the Superstitions, but more likely closer to Globe. The state took over his estate and only in 1964 did it act on the fragmentary will they found in his effects - to use the quarter of a million dollars he had somehow managed to amass to fund research into the soul. Many claimants came forward and a long court case ensued in Phoenix. The author details all this and a very tenuous connection to the Superstitions and the Lost Dutchman legend. Almost all of the book is on the trial and those who made claims on the estate, that is, "researchers" into the soul, but there is one interesting chapter about the author's trip out to Apache Junction and the Superstitions in 1968 where he meets Al Morrow, Peg Aylor, and Doc Rosecrans. I don't know how good his other research is, but the little he did on the Lost Dutchman story is shoddy at best. Another work of fact that fits better in fiction.

Geldermann, Thomas A.
The Lure of the Dutchman: Cracking the Mystery of the Lost Mine. Chapel Hill: Professional Press, 2000. Softcover, 459 pages. Contemporary story.

Gillcrist, James.
The Lost Dutchman. CreateSpace, 2017. Softcover, 146 pages. "Jacob Many Questions an Apache reservation detective, and DEA Agent Annie Himmelreich battle Mexican drug traffickers in the Superstition Mountains. In the process two young campers and their dad become involved and rediscover the Lost Dutchman Mine."
Softcover. $6.00.

Gillette, Michael (Jay Michael). 1939-
The Cortes Letter. New York: Avon Books, 1983. Paperback, 191 pages. "July, 1983." On the back cover: "At the sunny Mexican resort of Cancun, Eric Pendleton thinks he's left his troubles in Tucson. But he's wrong. Dead wrong. For in the sparkling Caribbean waters, he is about to discover an ancient document from the time of the Spanish Conquest... Pendleton is determined to find out its secret, even as it brings him face to face with violence and murder. Not knowing whom to trust-or whether the sultry Vivianna is a lover or killer-Pendleton races back to Arizona, with death in close pursuit. When the document is translated, Pendleton finally understands and decides to pursue the clues from the letter into the Superstition Mountains... where unimaginable treasure is guarded by unspeakable horror." From Contemporary Authors: "My first novel, The Cortes Letter, is about a professor from a university in the Southwest who, while skin driving in the waters off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, discovers a sealed box that contains a letter written by Hernan Cortes during the conquest of Mexico. His accidental discovery leads him into a series of encounters with black market art dealers, an international escape from brutal murderers, and a final terrifying confrontation with fanatical Aztec priests who have been clandestinely practicing their grisly religion in the desert mountains of Arizona for the past four hundred fifty years ... one central question kept coming back to me: What if the original home of the Aztecs was the Superstition Mountains of central Arizona?
$2.75/$3.00, $4.00, $5.25.

Gomez, Dot Jay
Ghosts of the Superstitions. Quail Harbor Productions, 2014.
Softcover, 319 pages. "'Once you get in, you will never get out!' A December trail ride in the mysterious Superstition Mountains of Apache Junction, Arizona becomes one of terror and death when uninvited guests appear. Gina McHenry and her group of teacher friends, innocently decide to extend the ride through Massacre Grounds, home to a harbor of Ghosts, stuck there since 1848. Hundreds of skulls and bones found by Army Calvary and foot soldiers in the 1860's indicated an abundance of death and terror. Ghost weary Wranglers, hired to lead, abandon the group of thirty riders when spooked horses stampede, leaving Rick Del Rio to guide his group out of the Superstitions - late at night - during a storm - physically chased by an unknown entity. Coyotee, the Apache teen cross country star, warned "It's Haunted", and proved it. A meeting with Butch, the 6'8" clairvoyant, helped explain the evilness of one desperate gold-hungry-ghost. Pop's four cycle friends, aka The Family Farm, decide to spend the night in a local cemetery, accompanied by Pickle-Nose-Pete and Guy Wagner, to prove the fallacy of the paranormal. A myriad of colorful characters enhance the finale!"

Graham, Shawn.
The Occult Cowboy: Journey into the Superstition Mountains. 2020. Softcover, 30 pages.
Paperback. $3.58.
Kindle edition. $.99.

Hampton, Cecil
Arizona Mystery Riders. Independently Published, 2019. Softcover, 146 pages.
Softcover. $8.95.
Kindle. $2.99.

Harding, Albert.
Dutchman's gold: a novel. Peoria: ALMAR HOUSE, distributed by AMRIC Books, 1981.
First edition. Hardcover with a dust jacket, 238 pages. A contrived tale about a retired mining engineer from Sun City whose jeep gets stuck in an arroyo, then is bitten by a rattlesnake and kidnapped by three pathetic losers - and also just happens to find the Lost Dutchman mine in the process. Written by a retired mining engineer. The story of the mine is the weakest element in this totally implausible tale. One twist; the mine is located north of Sun City.
$10.95/$35.00 dj, $15.00 signed dj.

Heft, Bill.
Mysterious Desert. King: SynergEbooks, 2001.
Softcover, 240 pages. From the back cover: "In the mighty Superstition Mountains, Dallas, a Gypsy prince crosses paths with a three-foot high scorpion while driving across the desert. He barely escapes with his life, only to find himself a witness to a UFO abduction. Dallas is surprised to learn that the escaped alien is a beautiful female named Milanda." Waltz's cache of lost Peralta gold is found at the end of the story - to only be used for good. The author is the Executive Director of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization.
Print. $8.99.
Ebook. $5.98.
CD-ROM. $6.50.

Henderson, John.
The Search: The Story of a Lost Fortune, and a Truth About It's Finding. Amazon Digital Services, 2016.
Kindle edition, 248 pages. Illustrated by Chad Pena, edited by Aja Eyre. "In the heart of the rugged Arizona desert lies the lost fortune of Jacob Waltz. The search for this life-changing amount of gold has taken the lives of hundreds of people, from all walks of life. Finding it means living any life your imagination could conjure, but searching for it could kill you! What you need is a guide. Paul is a con-man. He has led countless trips into the Superstition Wilderness under the guise that he has found the un-findable. With a hefty investment to secure the "licensing and permits", seven unsuspecting investors have bought their way into the latest scam. Only this search is like none before it. Follow the story of Jacob Waltz, the real life Dutchman, as it parallels this group on their search for a new life. You just might learn the secret of the Lost Dutchman's gold mine!"
Kindle. $7.77.

Jean Jr., Val.
Desert Gold and Other Verses, by Val Jean, Jr. 1920.
Pamphlet, unpaged (48 pages). On the cover: "Written in prison by Val Jean Jr." Dedicated to "all my friends who stood by to lend a hand." On the title page: "When you bought this little book you helped a man in his fight for freedom. You did 'a good deed in a naughty world.' If you think it is worth the price, tell your friends about it. I thank you. The Author." "Two men looked out from prison bars: One saw mud, the other stars." This is a very handsome little book. Superstition Mountain is just one of many poems in the volume. See the entry on The Lost Dutchman Mining Corporation's prospectus for more.
superstition mountain
The convict's verse, Superstition Mountain. The three sections of this poem used in the mining company's brochure are noted with **. The verse is just a little different in the original than in the brochure (the original is quoted here).

Thou rugged mighty mountain,
Brooding sinister and vast,
Oracle of vanished peoples,
Sentinel of ages past.

**What hand rough-hewed the image
In its granite coat of mail,
Sternly staring form thy summit,
Westward down the desert trail.

Whence came thy might of evil,
Deadly prophecies foretold,
Down the dim lost years repeated,
Brought to us by legends old.

**The bold, untamed Apache
Stood in awe before thy face
And read unmoved thy prophecy, --
Oblivion of his race.

The stoic of all stoics,
Undaunted by thy hate, --
Wild savage child of circumstance: --
Stern challenger of fate.

What of the other races, --
Vanished dust of unnamed years.
Did they face thy curse as bravely,
Did they dare thy unknown fears?

**When our proud race is vanquished
To the dust and fossil bone,
Thou wilt still be reigning Monarch
On thy gloomy granite throne.

O'er future men and cities,
Over each grim interlude,
Thou shalt stand accurst of Mountains,
In thy broody solitude.

Johnson, Charlie H. Jr.
Superstition. Bloomington: iUniverse, 2009.
Softcover, 288 pages. And an E-book version. From the publisher's website: "Carlos, a psychic detective from New York City, is drawn into the case of a middle-aged Scottsdale woman seeking the identity of her missing father. In touch with the dead, Carlos soon learns that the case is far more complicated. His investigation leads him to Superstition Mountain in Arizona and into real and psychic dangers that a series of dreams warn him about. Staying in a beautiful home in Scottsdale that he calls the "Palace," Carlos gets a taste of "the good life" unlike his flat in New York. His hostess shows him a series of old photos that offer a path into events at Superstition in 1942 and trigger premonitions of violence threatening Carlos' life. Several hiking trips into Superstition to "The Massacre Grounds" put Carlos in danger of rattlesnakes, a Native-American Thunder God, and mysterious snipers. Treasure seekers, a sinister Native-American factotum, a scary plane trip, a nighttime visit to a cemetery, spirits wanting their deaths expiated, and a newspaper reporter all become critical factors in Carlos' search. In discovering the identities he seeks, he also finds that the dead can have a power over the living that cannot be resisted. To resolve the mystery, Carlos must remake the past, and restore lives shattered by meaningless death."
Ebook. $6.00.

Jones, Rebekah
The Lost Dutchman's Secret. Celebrate Lit Publishing, 2021. Softcover, 370 pages.
Softcover. $12.99.
Kindle. $5.99.

Jordan, Joanna. (Pat Shaver and Debrah Morris)
Destiny's Dream. New York: Avon Books, 1990.
Paperback, 376 pages. Historical romance written by a prolific team of romance writers. From the back cover: "True to his Apache name, Hawk Devlin is a strong and proud man whose intense blue eyes hold dark secrets of a painful past. Scorned by white women before, he won't be tempted by the arrogant English beauty determined to risk the perils of the Superstition Mountains in search of treasure. Sybilla Hartford has traveled the globe, but she has met her match in the legendary guide called Hawk. His strength and his courage challenge her own. His stubborn independence infuriates her. But his brooding sensuality draws her, like a moth to the flame, to lure him from his lonely solitude. And in the deep shadows of the forbidding land, pride yields to a passion more powerful than the wildest spirits of the night..." Go baby!

Joyce, Michael R. and Peter Clothier.
The Dutchman's Gold. Amazon Digital Services, 2017.
Screenplay, 121 pages.
Kindle. $3.99.

Julyan, Robert.
Treasure Tale: Some Searches End with Beginnings. Silver Maple Books, 2020. Softcover, 273 pages. "As a doctoral student of Western History, Tully McIntyre knows that the Southwest's lost mine legends, such as the Lost Dutchman, are just that--legends, but they have haunted his imagination since childhood."
Softcover. $15.00.
Kindle. $7.99.

Kern, William.
The Lost Dutchman's Mine: the Rose Diamond. 2017.
Softcover, 149 pages. Also Kindle edition, 2017. 149 pages. Note: there are two different cover designs. "Jack Burton Detective Book 2." "A mystery full of Adventure, serial killing, Apache Junction, the Bad lands, and a mine of misfits and killers, all for the sake of finding the Rose Diamond, car chases and unsolved crimes rising, and unstoppable. Burtons team with the help of the Phoenix Police Department aid in solving the mysteries. The guardian of the Mine turns to dust and bones. No help."
Kindle. $5.95.
Softcover. $5.95.

Killan, Jace, Gini Koch, Steve Ruskin and others.
Superstitions: Tales from the Mountain. Independently Published, 2021.
Paperback, 352 pages.
Paperback. $14.99.
Kindle. $5.99.

Kizziar, Kaye.
Eyes of the Superstitions. Tempe: AZ-TEX Publishing, 1993.
First edition. Softcover, 220 pages. First of five books in this series. Secret bases under the Superstitions with extraterrestrial and conspiring governmental types. Good aliens with a select handful of humans work to stop the evil aliens and government conspirators. Lots of New Age stuff - why bother. "What could have happened to the hundreds of people that have disappeared since 1540 in the Superstition Mountains, when the Spanish Conquistadors first came north in search of the Fabled cities Of Gold? Could it have been the Thunder God . . . Or the Apaches seeking revenge for the many wrongs that they have endured over the many years? Could it have been the ruthless men and women with little regard for life that roamed the rugged west then and still do now? Or could it have been something far more complex?"
$6.95/$6.95 signed.
Beneath the Superstitions. Apache Junction: AZ-TEX Publishing, 1995. Softcover, 185 pages.
$7.95/$7.95 signed.
Forbidden Knowledge. Apache Junction: AZ-TEX Publishing, 1996. Softcover, iv, 190 pages, with a map.
$8.95/$8.95 signed.
The Alliance. Apache Junction: AZ-TEX Publishing, 1998. Softcover, 183 pages.
$8.95/$8.95 signed.
The Quest. Apache Junction: AZ-TEX Publishing, 2000. Softcover.

Lessard, Michael.
The Lost Dutchman. Redemption Press, 2017. Softcover. "Dr. Michael Turner is unexpectedly catapulted into a timeless world. There, he will meet some unique characters who desparately need a doctor to care for them. His ex-wife, Mary, and his son David and daughter Jamie are also on a journey of discovery. One key unlocks the mystery to Michael's past and to the treasure they are seeking ... We are all on a quest like theirs to unclover the meaning of life. Will it lead to happiness or pain and loss? Come and enter into that world within your heart and join them in looking for the treasure of the Lost Dutchman. Finding treasure is its own reward."
Softcover. $19.99.

Lively, William Irven. 1878-1961.
Apache Trial: an Indian legend of the old trail. Phoenix: A. Truman Helm,1945. Pamphlet, 16 pages, with numerous illustrations and a map. Illustrations by A. Truman Helm. A handsome pamphlet.

Fingers of Fire: an Indian legend of the Superstition Mountains. Phoenix: W. Irven Lively, 1948. Pamphlet, 14 pages. Illustration by Truman Helm. Cover title: "Fingers of fire! An Indian legend of the Superstition Mountains of Arizona."
?/$18.00 inscribed.

MacDonald, Tim.
Dutch. CreateSpace, 2013. Softcover, 176 pages. Kindle edition. 2013. 176 pages. "1848 - Superstition Mountain Wilderness, Republic of Mexico. Men work frantically in an anonymous mine pulling gold out of the ground before the territory is turned over to the United States and the precious ore is lost forever. Making their way south, Apaches attack the miners leaving a lone survivor. Present day. Jake McMasters has problems of his own. Uprooted from his life in New York City and moved to a small town in Arizona, Jake's big city background and attitude make him an easy target for the local toughs. After meeting CJ, a classmate who gets him out of a sticky situation, Jake learns the legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. When Jake finds a note, hidden away for almost a century, the two set out into the mountains to search for the long lost mine. Along the way, they come up against unscrupulous treasure hunters, a band of Indians and their mysterious leader, and the local bullies, all while trying not to arouse the suspicions of their families. Will Jake and CJ figure out the clues to the mine's location? Or will they disappear in the mountains taking the secret of the lost gold mine to their graves?"
Kindle. $2.99.
Softcover. $8.95/$8.95.

Magorian, James. 1942-
Hearts of gold. Westminster, MD: Acme Press, 1996. Hardcover with dust jacket, 222 pages. A humorous tale about a bunch of miners trying to find the Lost Dutchman mine.

Manning, Jimm Lee.
Walker's Vison's and Dream's: a man's search for truth justice and gold. Victoria, BC: Trafford Publishing, 2005. Large paperback, 264 pages, with illustrations. Cover title. From the cover: "At last the mystery's (sic) about the Lost Dutchman's Mine and the Peralta gold are documented. Within these pages you will find not only secrets of gold and treasure but a hope for a new world." From the publisher's website: "My books are about not only why I wrote them, but to get people to understand. There are hundreds of millions in gold, silver bars, and gemstones out there to be found. That you eyes will not believe. Honestly just waiting for you to find, and believe me you will find them. All you need to do is learn how, what to look for, and how to stay safe as you search for you dream, as I once did. One day you will thank me for writing the books I've been working on. There is more left out of them then I've put in. Right now for the reason you will not learn if all is right there for you to pick up on. So take your time, read and listen, understanding will come in to the picture as you read. Be sure to keep up. For the books I write will take you right in to the heart of where all the Apache People had lived and died, and continue to live." The publisher's website has a brief three page excerpt from the book and some interesting photographs from the author.

Marie, Ann.
Into the Unknown: the Lost Dutchman Mine. Outskirts Press, 2015. Softcover, 286 pages. Kindle edition. Outskirts Press, 2015. 167 pages. "The area itself is known as Hell's backyard. Right now he wasn't so sure there was any coincidence involved at all. He just knew this was going to be an exciting day to say the least. He just wasn't sure how this day would end or what it truly had in store for him. For either of them... "
Kindle. $6.99.
Softcover. $13.95/$13.95.

Mantzey, J. R.
Lance Talon: treasure hunter. Frederick, MD: PublishAmerica, 2008. Large paperback, 445 pages. From the publisher: "This is the story of a young man through his last year of high school and his first searches for the Legendary Lost Dutchman Gold Mine in Arizona to his years in the United States Army where he is trained to be one of America's finest, a member of the Special Forces. In Vietnam, Lance has no knowledge of the events that are about to change his life forever as he is busy carrying out the missions that will make his unit one of the most-feared and respected fighting units in the Vietnam Conflict. Returning from leave, Lance returns to Vietnam and takes command of his old team. The team's first assignment is to protect a fire base - Hill 261 - to reinforce the artillery unit located there and make sure that the hill is not taken by the enemy. For the action on Hill 261 Lance is awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. After the war, Lance returns home to his family and resumes his search for the long-lost gold mine."

Mason, Robert.
The Burning. Phoenix: Phoenix Publishing Group, 2000. Second printing, 2004. Softcover, 244 pages, photographs, illustrations, and maps by Bruce Fischer. An entertaining fictionalized account of the tragic and true story of Annie Dowling and Patrick White, who were "burned out" by the Army at Fort McDowell. This is more Verde Valley lore, well-researched and full of interesting historical material. See the entry for Mason in Related works.
First printing. $14.95.
Second printing. $14.95/$14.95 signed.

Matthews, Susanne and Danielle Doolittle
Desert Deception. MHSLM Publishing, 2016. Softcover, 478 pages.
Softcover. $7.48.
Kindle. $4.99.

McCaslin, Dane.
Legend. Accent Books, 2014. Softcover, 160 pages. "There are a lot of legends about the Arizona desert. One which has kept people flocking there for a century is the tale of the 'Lost Dutchman' and his goldmine. . .but nothing has ever been found of Jacob Walz and his mysterious treasure. Until now . . . A student from Phoenix comes across a cache of gold coins and an old journal in the desert - but is it the Dutchman's gold, or something a lot more sinister? Soon the young man finds that he's stumbled across more than he can handle - a conspiracy spanning decades and continents . . . Louis Greywolf Bahe, a member of the Navajo nation, works for the state mining inspector and has therefore heard his share of myths involving the Lost Dutchman. Bahe investigates when the cache of gold is found. Together with Will Delgado, his biker gang associate, Bahe tries to track down the gold - and the perpetrators of some pretty nasty crimes - as he realizes that another 'Dutchman' entirely is wreaking havoc in Arizon . . ."
Softcover. $11.95.
Kindle edition. $2.99.

McKnight, Annie.
Superstitions. New York: Leisure Books, 1998. Paperback, 360 pages. Historical romance.

Merrill, Robin.
When blood runs gold. Robin Merrill, 2006. Pamphlet, 23 pages. Cover design by Nancy Merrill. From the back cover: "When Stephanie Armstrong sees the belongings of her family's legendary bandit displayed in a local museum, she remembered the old trunk where she had found another flour sack mask - and a crude map to her ancestor's hidden cache of gold deep in the Superstition Mountains. Determined to reclaim the gold and face her family secrets, she asks her boyfriend to accompany her. The journey travels into the thrilling past of Spanish gold miners and Indian massacres, of lost mines and Dutch hunters, all revealed in the erie beauty of a stark desert terrain. But a chill overshadows her excitement of the history around her. The hunt for gold soon turns into a hunt for blood. Hers. And her only hope is the link with her ancestor, and his own need to avenge betrayal."

Michaels, Theresa.
Once a hero. New York: Harlequin, 2000. Paperback, 299 pages. Historical romance. From the Author's Note: "And who can say if one or two of the hundreds of hikers and horseback riders that visit the site annually, do not have gold fever, do not have a carefully hoarded map, and are not still searching? And if they are counted among the missing-does that mean they died mysteriously or that they found gold ...?

Mills, Charles A.
Gold, Murder and Monsters in the Superstition Mountains., 2019. Softcover, 136 pages. "Join us as we recount a fictional story of the Superstitions and then look at the real history of the legends that haunt these mountains. . . "
Softcover. $10.99.
Kindle. $5.99.

Mills, Charles A.
Death and Delusion in the Superstition Mountains. 2019. 49 pages.
Kindle. $2.99.

Mills, Charles A.
Legends of the Superstition Mountains. 2019. 79 pages.
Kindle. $2.99.

Mojica, Phillip.
Don Peralta's Gold. Kearney: Morris Publishing, 2009. Large softcover, 77 pages, with maps and illustrations. On the cover: "Don Peralta's Gold: Journal 1846. A Novel by Phillip Mojica." Back cover: "In 1820, a group of forty Mexican miners in search of gold crossed the northern desert wilderness into the rugged Superstition Mountains. They trudged up a narrow canyon then down along a towering rock peak [...] The miners came upon the Salt River, following it downstream and crossing where the Mormon Flat Dam now stands. They discovered their treasure on the northern banks of the river. They began mining and when they accumulated all the rich ore their animals could carry they headed home. Don Eduardo Peralta was one of the forty men. He became a prominent rancher and twenty-six years later, he organized an expedition for a return trip to the fabulous gold mine. Accompanying Don Peralta on the return trip was a young man named Joaquin Alejandro Miramonte. The following excerpts are from Joaquin's journal in 1846 when the mountain was still Sierra de Espuma."

Nathan, Robert. 1894-1985.
The Mallot diaries. New York: Knopf, 1965. Hardback, 174 pages. Well written. Prolific writer. But the story! A lost tribe of Neanderthals in the Superstitions?! Totally implausible, very melodramatic. Of no interest at all except it is set in the Superstitions.
First printing. ?/$40.00 inscribed; $50, $40, $23, $20, $15, $14, $10 $7, $8 - all with dj.
Second printing. 1965. ?/$6.50 with dj.

Nicholas, Ben.
This man kills. London: Robert Hale, 2005.
159 pages. "A Black Horse Western." Large print edition: Leicester: Linford, 2006. Paperback, 233 pages. "A deerskin map showing the way to the fabled Dutchman Mine...."
Large print. ?/20.

Niswander, Adam. 1946-
The Sand Dwellers. Minneapolis: Fedogan & Bremer, 1998. Hardback with dust jacket, 261 pages with several illustrations and dust jacket art by H.E. Fassl. One thousand copies of the trade edition and one hundred copies of the limited edition printed. From the dust jacket: "The Superstition Mountains in Arizona, long a draw for eccentrics craving isolation or treasure hunters seeking the riches of the Lost Dutchman Mine, are now plagued by a number of strange incidents; a professor from an East Coast university disappears without a trace; a soldier from a top secret military installation deep beneath the mountains is missing in action; and a deadly malaise drives others to suicide and their commanding officer to the brink of madness. There are things lurking in the hills." Arizona author uses a thinly disguised version of Adolph Ruth's demise as his first of many really nasty things going on in the Superstitions. H.P. Lovecraft is the inspiration here, however, not the Lost Dutchman or the Superstitions.
Trade edition. $26/$26.
Limited edition. $95/$95.

O'Brien, Phil T.
A Tree in the Wind. Baltimore: Publish America, 2006. Softcover, 325 pages. "A Tree in the Wind employs excitement, adventure, mystery, the paranormal, police and CIA involvement, science fiction, and even romance. The two adventurers, Redhawk and Thomas Kenyon, search for a long-hidden gold treasure in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona with the intention of returning it to Redhawk's people, the Natala Indians, whose ancestors hid it there many generations ago. In the process they encounter hostile military forces, allies from the same source, and resistance from Native American customs and beliefs. Through the use of out-of-body travel, they accomplish their purpose. In the process, they also discover the existence of something far greater than their intended goal alien technology. U.S. Air Force Colonel Gordon L. Montgomery joins forces with them to become one of their greatest allies, but will he also sacrifice his long military career for what he believes to be a great injustice on the part of the Air Force and the U.S. Government?"

Oester, Dave R.
Lost Dutchman Gold. CreateSpace, 2015. Paperback, 86 pages. Kingman: Coyote Moon Publishing, 2015. Kindle edition, 64 pages. "The Jesuit priests had perhaps a dozen gold mines in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona in the mid-1700s then they were driven out by Apaches. Later the Peralta family operated gold mines in the Superstition Mountains in the mid-1800s until they too were driven out by Apaches. Jacob Waltz found one of the Peralta mines and thus the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine started. Maggie Peralta receives a journal from the man who closed down the mines before they had to abandon the mines due to Apache attacks. Now she has clues never before seen the light of day. With the help of Dr. Jack Hunter she is going after her family legacy worth billions of dollars."
Paperback. $5.95.
Kindle edition. $2.99.

Parish, Pat.
Dutchman and the Devil: the Lost Story., 2013. Softcover, 192 pages. Kindle edition, 1138 KB. ". . . the tangled trail of truth and fiction that is Waltz's legacy. . . the tale of a man - and his shadowy undiscovered partner - who cheat, connive, manipulate, and murder their way through the wicked old west, leaving a trail of blood, bodies and broken promises that over the years have been lost in the wake of the commonly accepted family friendly legend."
Paperback. $9.97/$9.97.
Kindle edition. $5.95.

Parker, Joe and Eve Paludan.
Cooper's Gold: Quest for the Lost Dutchman's Gold: A Short Story. Eve Paludan Books, 2016. Kindle edition, 48 pages. "When Cooper Brown hears there really is gold in the nearby Superstition Mountains, it seems like the chance of a lifetime. His wife is pregnant and they're barely getting by when his co-worker hands him a sliver off a gold nugget and tells him a wild story. Ace says he's found the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, and he just needs a friend to help him get the gold out of the mountains. A friend with a truck who can keep a secret. Cooper's wife, Sofia, is skeptical. When Cooper heads to the wilderness with Ace to seek the gold and secure his family's future, instead he finds himself in trouble. Big trouble. Will Cooper recover the legendary gold without getting himself in too deep?"
Kindle. $1.99.

Parker, T.L.
Superstitions. Amazon Digital Services, 2014. Kindle edition, 272 pages. "An Action Adventure Thriller." "In the heart of Arizona, secrets run deep within the Superstition Mountains, unearthing answers to man's greatest mysteries. When Gabriel embarks on a journey to find his missing brother in the rugged mountains, he researches the endless deaths and disappearances of other treasure hunters. Drawn into a dangerous mystery from which he cannot escape, he soon fears for his own life in a perilous search for answers. Evadon survives an attack on her city. In a world where hate and vengeance have destroyed everything she has ever known, she alone is responsible for the fate of humanity. Their lives are intertwined on a journey toward the truth. Beyond the serrated peaks of the Superstitions, Gabriel will discover secrets running deep within the threads of society. The profound truth will link the past and future as it chisels its way into the core of humanity."
Kindle. $.99.

Parkinson, Dan.
Timecop: the Scavenger. New York: Del Rey, 1998. Paperback, 248 pages. November 1998. Timecop series. Science fiction - based on the Universal television series. The first few pages are about Waltz, sort of.

Phillips, C.K.
The Superstitions. Independently Published, 2021. Softcover, 357 pages.
Softcover. $16.99.
Hardcover. $24.99.
Kindle. $4.99.

Piercy, Bill.
The Death's-Head mine. Philadelphia: Xlibris Corporation, 2001. Hardcover with dust jacket, 538 pages. From the publisher's website: "The hundred-year saga of the Mateo-Garcia's fortunes and the men who rode at adventure to el norte. Into distant lands held sacred by the Chiricahua Apaches they came in search of the gold that would make them hombres ricos - until at last los Indios could brook no further trespass. Full of battles and animal lore, headstrong romance, revenge and retribution, it traces the story of three generations of men who dared invade the home of the Apache Rain Gods en el Canon de la Buena Fortuna, the valley that to this day still lies in the shadows of a hat-shaped peak in those lands now known as Arizona." Well-written story of epic length and scope that will seem vaguely familiar to anyone versed in the Peralta tale.
Hardcover. $33.29/$33.29.
Trade paperback. $22.94/$22.94.

Phillips, Don J.
Poems of Arizona. Phoenix: Pryor Printers, 1936.
Pamphlet, 64 pages, with illustrations. A foreword by The Dons. On the cover: "My Arizona / The Valley of the Sun." Contains the poem "Superstition Mountain." A very nice looking pamphlet.

Redman, Jim.
Searching for Jacob Waltz. CreateSpace, 2016. Softcover, 96 pages, with photographs and illustrations. Kindle edition, 2016. "This is a story about lost treasure, greed, danger and death in the desert. It's what happens to a California couple on vacation in Arizona who get swept up in the legend of Jacob Waltz and the Lost Dutchman Mine. It's a story based on real historic characters in real places, real unexplained disappearances and real unsolved mysteries."
Softcover. $12.95.
Kindle. $.99.

Redman, Jim.
Shadows in the Canyon. 2019. Softcover, 118 pages. "This is an adaptation of the prior book published by the author, Searching for Jacob Waltz, first published October 2016."
Softcover. $6.25.

Rendon, Lorenzo
Gold Hunters: Lure of the Superstitions. CreatSpace, 2016. Softcover, 294 pages.
Softcover. $12.69.
Kindle. $.99.

Roberts, Barrie. (1939-)
Sherlock Holmes and the Crosby murder: a narrative believed to be from the pen of John H. Watson, MD. New York: Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2002, 2001. Hardcover with dust jacket (23 cm.), 224 pages. Also this edition: London: Constable & Robinson, Ltd., 2001. Hardcover with dust jacket, 224 pages. For those who have to have everything, there is a Czech edition too. Smrt bankéře Crosbyho - příběhy Sherlocka Holmesa. Autorství příběhu se připisuje doktoru Johnu H. Watsonovi. K vydání připravil a poznámkami opatřil Barrie Roberts. Jota, 2003. Hardcover, 184 pages. Sherlock Holmes finds the Peralta's gold mine, and he finds it in London! Ok, that is not quite correct; in London Holmes solves the mystery of a map that reveals the location of the legendary Peralta mine in the Superstitions. Even though he doesn't go to Arizona, he and Watson do match wits with an Apache who journeyed from Arizona to retrieve the map and to kill those who might jeopardize the secret of the mine. Roberts is well informed on the details of the Lost Dutchman story and the history of those who have sought gold in the Superstitions, information taken, as he notes, from his reading of Sims Ely. An intelligent and enjoyable story that makes far better use of the Dutchman story than most of the other works of fiction in this chapter.
New York. $24/$13-$24 with dust jackets.
London. £16.99/$13-$45 with dust jackets.
Czech. 228 Kč, 99 Kč/?

Rosa, Don.
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge (The Dutchman's Secret). Timonium: Gemstone Publishing, 2003.
Don RosaIssue number 319, July 2003. Squarebound comic book, color illustrations, unpaged (64 pages). The first story in this issue (pages 1-24) is The Dutchman's Secret which is, yes, about the finding of the Lost Dutchman Mine by these familiar Disney characters. Don Rosa wrote the story and did the wonderful art for The Dutchman's Secret, Scott Rockwell did the color and John Clark the lettering. On the inside back cover is a brief account by Rosa on his interest in the Lost Dutchman story, where he says, "Still I think I've done a nice job in building a fascinating and absolutely possible solution to the century-old riddle of the Lost Dutchman's Mine ... so authentic to detail that I would not doubt that a few treasure-hunters might go and even try to follow my clues to see if they lead anywhere. Every bit of the legend of the Dutchman and Peralta family is totally authentic, as is the existence of the mysterious rock petroglyph, and even the secret Spanish "treasure-symbols" which I got from a very obscure old book."

Ross, Val Gene.
Secret Treasures of the Superstition Mountains. Springville: Bonneville Books, 2001.
Softcover, ix, 410 pages. On the cover: "When Duane Lyman saves an Indian's life, he receives a gift that exceeds his wildest expectations. He finds himself on an incredible journey to a place from which no one has ever returned alive ... a fascinating tale of a young man who discovers an ancient civilization that has been hidden for centuries deep in the Superstition Mountains." From the Prologue: "Val Gene Ross began writing this novel in 1973 when he and his family lived in Mesa, Arizona. He completed it in 1990 at his home in Red Bluff, California a few weeks before he died."

Ritter, Artus.
Ode to the Lost Dutchman Mine. Nobleboro: Artus Ritter, 1997.
Softcover, 67 pages with illustrations by Daniel E. Regut, photograph by Wes Grant. A long poem on the Lost Dutchman mine.

Sanders, Will.
The Superstition File: A Les Didlin P.I. Case. CreateSpace, 2010.
Paperback, 184 pages. Also Kindle edition, 2010. "Les is back in action. His boss Penny PeckerPacker has turned him loose on his new assignment: Find lost gold hidden in the Superstition Mountains. Is Les searching for the Lost Dutchman's Gold? Some people following him apparently think so."
$10/$10. Paperback.
#3.50. Kindle edition.

Schultz, Carol A.
Spirits and the Thunder God in the Superstition Mountain. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016.
Softcover, 36 pages. Large Print. "This story is about the Indian Wars in the Superstition Mountains. Ghosts, spirits, and battles of the Indians with the Settlers and Solders. About a woman who sees the ghosts and tries to get them to STOP HAUNTING."
Kindle. $3.00.
Softcover. $6.00.

Seaman, Harley J.
The Real Story of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Christian Faith Publishing, 2021. Softcover, 122 pages.
Softcover. $12.99.
Kindle. $5.99.

Shaw, Murray.
Sherlock Holmes finds the Lost Dutchman Mine. New York: The Mysterious Bookshop, 2001.
Pamphlet, 28 pages. First edition, "Limited to 221 copies." "The Mysterious Sherlock Holmes #17." This little pamphlet is in a series of Sherlock Holmes stories published by the Mysterious Bookshop. Isaac Waltz, the lawyer son of Jacob Waltz brings Holmes and Watson to Arizona to find his father's lost mine. Holmes uses the map provided by Isaac as he and Watson find Weaver's Needle and La Barge Canyon. They do find the mine with the help of an Apache, but it is filled in with rock and timbers, too much to clear out. That is it! Holmes might as well have stayed in London or this adventure stayed unwritten.

Sheffer III, H. Henry and Sharyn R. Alger.
Myths, Magic & Mystery: messages from the past. Apache Junction: Norseman Publications, 1995.
Pamphlet, 25 pages, with photographs. Limited edition of 250 numbered copies. At best, muddled New Age musings, a little Native American spirituality, and a few tall tales thrown in. Some references to Superstition Mountain.

Sheffer III, H. Henry.
The Secret of the Open Gate. Lone Rider Books, 2012.
Large paperback, 115 pages. Publisher: "Our hero, a Viet Nam Veteran turned cowboy, travels back to a time in history where he is called upon to correct lies and treachery that had carried over through the years until the truth was so obscured that legend was now the fact. On this unexplained trail, Bark Lee encounters vicious cattle rustlers, who would rather shoot first and ask no questions later, beautiful women on hard times, and an old prospector who possesses a fabulous treasure. All these elements combine to hold the reader spellbound until the very end when the truth is finally revealed. Now, will anyone believe it? More importantly, will they really care?" Kindle Edition, 2010. 79 pages; 137 KB.
$12.95/$12.95. Paperback.
$9.95. Kindle Edition.

Shelton, Connie.
Reunions can be murder. Denver: Intrigue Press, 2002. Hardcover (22 cm.), 255 pages. Also a paperback edition: New York: Worldwide, 2003. Paperback (17 cm.), 250 pages. On the cover of the paperback: "A Charlie Parker mystery." There are several story lines in this mystery, the one of interest here that of the heroine, the detective Charlie Parker, being hired by a missing elderly prospector’s family to track him down. That important, but very small part of the story, has her finding him out in the Superstitions hiding from his family, and no, he hasn't found the Lost Dutchman, but he does have a mine and a few gold nuggets. There is also a passing reference to Apache Junction and the local expert on all things Lost Dutchman, Rocky Rhodes - really.
Paperback. $5.99/$5.99.

Smith, Bobbi. 1949-
Arizona temptress. New York: Zebra Books (Kensington Pub. Corp.), 1986. Paperback, 496 pages. "First printing, March, 1986." The author thanks Tom Kollenborn, among others. Steamy romance.
$3.95/$1.25, $2.00.

Smith, L. and K. Wesson.
Tales of the old Southwest: Volume I. Apache Junction: Southwest Legends Publishing, 1995.
Pamphlet, 32 pages, with illustrations. Eight very brief melodramatic tales, some set within sight of Superstition Mountain.

Smith, Roland.
Hijack Over Weaver's Needle. CreateSpace, 2012. Softcover, 304 pages. Kindle edition, 2012. 431 KB. Other edition: Cumming: Roland Smith, 2012. Paperback, 301 pages. "A flight attendant is paralyzed in a tragic accident on board an airliner. Jack Traner, an intense, senior engineer for the airline is made a scapegoat for the incident . . . Armed with insider knowledge and virtually unlimited access to the airline's planes, Jack secretly and methodically plans a unique retribution. His rage and grief propel this story of love, loyalty, corporate greed, high stakes bluffs in the night sky over Arizona, and a shocking hijacking attempt that no one could have predicted . . . or thought possible . . . at least not since D.B. Cooper's infamous hijacking and parachute jump out of the back of a Northwest 727 over four decades ago."
Kindle edition. $2.99
CreateSpace edition. $11.99

Sprague, Dennis W.
The Dutchman's Legacy. Sprague Publishing, 2018. Softcover, 372 pages. "The legend of unimaginable wealth has been rediscovered in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The two amateur treasure hunters who found the prize must now struggle, not only with themselves, but with a sadistic outside entity determined to have their secret. As the story unfolds, the death toll from the two young treasure seeker's once harmless hobby starts to mount. Caught between the treasure hunters and a vicious criminal is a full blooded Apache Sam Whitefeather. A step behind the action, Sam a decorated veteran and well seasoned deputy sheriff, pushes the limit of his law enforcement skills along with his Indian heritage to intercede on the luckless treasure hunter's behalf. From the running gun battles to the terrible nightmares suffered by principal's involved. The reader will be drawn into the terror and sadness of events leading up to a unique and unexpected climax!"
Softcover. $19.95.

Squires, Mark E.
Squires The Dutchman: a novel based on the true story of the lost Dutchman's gold mine. Apache Junction: Desert Candle Publishing, 1994.
First edition. Softcover, 167 pages. A novel about Jacob Waltz in which Weiser is the bad guy. The plot hinges on an old Jesuit mine that defrocked Jesuits are after. Squires takes the facts as commonly accepted then weaves a story around them, a what-if sort of thing. Lots of good history and he makes interesting use of local color, geography, times and people. Unfortunately, written in a rather flat writing style. His ideas are good however, and it is fun to speculate. In the end the Apaches wipe everyone out and Waltz must kill one of the Jesuits at his home in Phoenix, and it is true that the death there still looks suspicious, certainly a mystery no other writer has explored.
$10.95/$25, $10.95 signed, $6.00.

Stewart, Bruce E.
Superstition Gold. Bloomington: 1st Books, 2001. Softcover, xiv, 146 pages. This book is available on the web in both print and electronic formats. From the backcover: "This book has six stories built around legends of gold finds--mostly in the Superstitious Mountains of Arizona. These include the stories behind:How the Jesuit priests buried the gold Eucharist altar pieces when the king's soldiers were sent to take them. The lost Dutchman Mine that so many gold seekers have searched for, for so many years. What happened to gold prospectors Darby Kohls who left his family in Colorado to strike it rich in the Gold mountain. Gold find by Spanish soldiers Jack and Kent while on an exploration of the land at the request of the king. Jesus’ (spanish soldier) gold find before becoming an honorary Apache Indian. Thomas Jefferson Beale's Treasure somewhere near Blue Earth, Virginia and located by the Beale Treasure coves. From these stories you will learn: How to find gold. How to get it out of the ores. How to turn it into spendable money. How to protect your find and yourself. All in adventure story form. You will not be disappointed."
Print $8.95/$13.98.
E-text $3.95.

Sunagel, Lois A. 1926-
The shadow of the needle. New York: Thomas Bouregy and Company, Inc., Avalon Books, 1976. Hardcover with dust jacket, 186 pages. A poorly written romantic mystery set in contemporary Apache Junction and Superstition Mountain. Laurel and her brother David inherit a house outside Apache Junction as well as a treasure map to, yes, the Lost Dutchman mine. Laurel is forced to decide between two men both as a question of love and with regard to whom she suspects more in her brother's disappearance. All sorts of mysteries are revealed and resolved, there is much intrigue, suspicion and murder, but no gold is found. All is resolved happily for the heroine. Just terrible.
$4.95/$10, $7.95 djs.

Taylor, Mark Stephen.
The Sun, The Glass, and the Leaning Rock: The Secret of the Lost Dutchman's Gold. CreateSpace, 2010. Softcover, 226 pages. Originally published in 1984 as A Second Chance: a Daring Tale of high Adventure, now republished as well in 2010. Publisher's website: "The story opens in the year 1984, but centers on the 1924 discovery of the 'Lost Dutchman's Mine' in Arizona, the inevitable misfortune of it's discoverer, and the strange fate of the loot itself. A treasure map, an unusual necklace, and a simple nursery rhyme set the stage for double murder, betrayal, kidnapping, and unrelenting drama in this tale of the high desert. An unemployed ex-cop and his two friends become entwined in this adventure-mystery, which takes the reader from Boston to Arizona, from Ohio to California, and finally into the harsh, Nevada desert, where the good guys meet the bad guys in a final, head-on confrontation. Both want to unlock the treasure's secret--'the sun, the glass, and the leaning rock, tell you when it's four o' clock.'"
Paperback. $11.65/$11.65.
Kindle edition. $4.49.
A Second Chance. $11.95/$11.95.

Tezelli, Dee.
Crescent Moon over Flatiron: Mystery of Legendary Lost Goldmine in the Superstition Mountains. Amazon Digitial Services, 2014. 156 pages. "Dashing Deputy Ford and banker's beautiful daughter Lorna were unwittingly caught up in the brutal killing of a gold-seeking Dutch Hunter. Humiliated by a record of failed searches, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office was further besieged by a grieving widow's $5 million lawsuit. A brewing politically fueled rivalry between the gregarious volunteer group headed by Gary Barnes and the Sheriff only comprimised the County. Shy journalist Nelson Chin felt his sleuthing instincts take over. Could any remaining descendants of the mysterious Mexican Peralta family help him? Why did the nimble mystrerious climber of the Flatiron shadow Gary Barnes and the brother of a long missing Dutch Hunter and lead them into the sinister cave? What had really been wrapped in the bandana clutched in the skeleton's hands?"
Kindle edition. $2.49.

Toombs, Jane.
Mountain Moonlight. Books We Love, 2012.
Kindle book. 172 pages. Softcover, 2017. "Vala, now a divorcee, and her young son, Davis, arrive in Phoenix, Arizona, intending to hike into Superstition Mountain to follow an old map her son was given by an elderly Apache before he died. Davis believes it's a treasure map. Convinced by a camping outfitter that they need a guide, Vala checks the list on the store's bulletin board, and finds one name crossed out. Perversely she reads it anyway. . Bram Hunter! Even though she left Phoenix with her family when she was sixteen, she's never forgotten him. Which drives her to call the number listed. Bram's planning to leave for a Caribbean vacation in a few days, but he remembers Vala. He has no intention of guiding anyone anywhere right now, but remembers one night long ago, and agrees to meet her. "
Kindle. $2.99.
Softcover. $12.99.

Treweek, Tom.
Dutchman's Mine: The Adventures of Latakia Billows. CreateSpace, 2014. Softcover, 238 pages. "Ten years after his grandfather's disappearance, Christopher Billows suddenly learns there might be more to the man's life and sudden vanishing than he ever suspected. An ornate box, containing an old Peterson smoking pipe and an old photo of the two men from years before, spark a hunt for the Lost Dutchman's Mine and a treasure that many have sought but none found, at least not yet. The dangerous journey takes them face to face with booby traps that would make Indiana Jones flinch. As much as it lampoons the great adventure stories from the author's youth, Dutchman's Mine is a love letter to the genre, using humor not only to poke fun but also to express deep affection. As the author's father taught him long ago, "If your friends don't pick on you, you don't have any friends." With that in mind, Christopher "Latakia" Billows is the most loving person around. His quick tongue delights no one more than himself as he lovingly launches sarcasm at his best friend Julio and former girlfriend Asia, who are more than willing to return it. Will Latakia find the Lost Dutchman's gold? Will he ever get his pipe to stay lit? Will his ex-girlfriend ever stop punching him in the face? The answers to those questions lay deep in Arizona's Superstition Mountains, as will Latakia's body, if Asia has her way."
E-book. $2.99.

Turner, Linda.
The echo of thunder. New York: Silhouette Books, 1988.
Paperback, 250 pages. "May 1988." "Silhouette Intimate Moments." After many years in prison a now dying bank robber tells a lawyer where he hid three million dollars - yes, in the Superstitions. The lawyer hires a guide in Apache Junction, the granddaughter of an old Lost Dutchman hunter. They fall in love, etc., do find the money, get out alive. Yes, this is a cheap romance story paperback, but it is a good story and well-written, though you would never guess so from the blurb on the back cover: "Alex Trent. He was a streetwise public defender who played within the rules - but just barely. When he learned of a treasure buried in the Superstition Mountains, he immediately organized a search for the money, which was the only evidence that could save his client's life. Jessica Rawlings. Raised in the mountains, she was the only guide qualified to lead Trent's expedition. But their journey was fraught with hazards that sent them into unexplored territory, where needs and desires were as real as earth, wind and fire. Worlds away from civilization, they were one man, one woman, two hearts beating amid the roar of driving rain and the deafening echo of thunder."

Vance, N. W.
The Ghost of the Lost Dutchman's Mine. CreatSpace, 2012 (2011). Softcover, 270 pages. Kindle edition, 692 KB. "Millions of people in the US are being threatened by the AIA (Allah's Islamic Army). The AIA has promised the people of the US they will detonate two dirty bombs unless all non-Muslims and military personnel leave Afghanistan . . . Members of the AIA accidently discovered the where-a bouts-of the Lost Dutchman's Mine, a substantial source of U233, a dangerous radioactive isotope of Uranium, and a vast amount of gold to fund their terroristic plot against the US . . . Jack Turner must intercede and save the lives of tens of thousands of people thereby stopping the Ghost of the Lost Dutchman's Mine forever."
Kindle edition. $6.00
CreateSpace edition. $16.98

Vick, Curtis D.
The Outdweller. AuthorHouse, 2010.
Softcover, 488 pages. "The Outdweller is a romance/adventure story. Its main character, Brant Turrell, never wanted to complicate his life in the Superstition Wilderness area of central Arizona by allowing anyone to share it; especially someone as beautiful as the woman he finds gagged and left for dead on a cool winter morning in the desert. But after finding her, he has little choice. She will not allow him to take her to the police for fear that her would-be killers will learn that she still lives. Turrell knows his life might forever be altered when he takes her high into the mountains to his secret home-place. And he is right. When the thugs come into the wilderness to find the woman they failed to kill earlier, Turrell is waiting. He is an expert at traveling along the trails and surviving in the harsh terrain. The killers with their .38 snubbies and nine millimeters enter strange and dangerous turf when they come against him."

Wagoner, Merry.
Treasure tales across the counter. Goldfield: M. Wagoner, 1965.
Pamphlet, 36 pages, with illustrations by A.E. Hakari. Swanson and Kollenborn say Chicago: R&M Printing, 1965. There is a photograph of the author on the back endpaper. A very nice pamphlet. Contains a number of stories, tall-tales I think we can say, told to Merry across the counter by all sorts of folks at the Bluebird Mine gift shop in Goldfield at the foot of Superstition Mountain. Well-written and very enjoyable.
$1.50/$20.00, $9.50 inscribed.

Waite, Mitchell.
Blood, Gold, and the Superstition Mountains. Mesa: Southwest Publications, 1991.
Softcover, 159 pages, with map and illustrations. Blood, Gold and the Superstition Mountains, The Return. Mesa: Southwest Publications, 1992. Softcover, 152 pages, with a map. Blood, Gold, And The Superstition Mountains. CreateSpace, 2011. Paperback, 196 pages. "An action/adventure thriller based on the legends and lore of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Based on real people, places, events and treasure map."
1991. $9.95/$9.95.
1992. $9.95/$9.95.

Watkins, Ronald J. 1945-
Evil intentions: the story of how an act of kindness led to senseless murder. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1992. Hardcover with dust jacket, 296 pages. True crime story by the author of High crimes and misdemeanors: the term and trials of former Governor Evan Mecham.
$22.00/$12.00 dj., $5.00 dj.

Watkins, Ronald
The Dutchman. Kindle edition, 2012. 249 KB. "The stolen payroll is out there, hidden somewhere in Arizona's fabled Superstition Mountains. The con said he'd buried it at The Dutchman. Did he mean the Lost Dutchman mine? No one knows where it is. Or did he mean somewhere else? Now ex-reporter Dan Brodie is in the town of Madrid, searching for the loot but he soon learns he's not alone. And that what started as a treasure hunt is instead a desperate fight to save his life!"

Webb, Betty.
Desert Run. Scottsdale: Poisoned Pen Press, 2006.
Hardcover, 346 pages. Softcover edition. Scottsdale: Poisoned Pen Press, 2008. 346 pages. Publisher's website: "Things are never easy for Scottsdale private eye Lena Jones. Her partner in Desert Investigations, Jimmy Siswan, is leaving for an upscale wife and a job at Sun Microsystems. Her old Captain at the Scottsdale PD is off home to Brooklyn. She's doing security for Warren Quinn, director of a documentary being shot at Papago Park about the German POW camp and the "great escape" of Christmas Eve, 1944, when some prisoners tunneled out and fled. And one surviving escapee, Kapitan zur Zee Erik Ernst, a man in his nineties confined to a wheelchair after a boating accident, has just been murdered. Worse, his Ethiopian care giver begs Lena to clear him."
Hardcover. $24.95/$24.95.
Softcover. $14.95/$14.95.

West, K.C., and Victoria Welsh.
Superstition Shadows. Limitless Corporation, 2004. Paperback, 340 pages. "Fearing the loss of her financial backing, eminent archaeologist Kimberly Blair accepts her benefactor's daughter as an assistant on a project in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. But PJ Curtis, though a well-educated archaeologist, seems to lack dedication and maturity, and her reputation as a playgirl threatens the cohesiveness of Kim's close-knit crew. Soon, PJ's questionable judgment jeopardizes Kim's obsessive quest to find evidence of a lost tribe of Amazons; a quest that brought her half way across the globe to the Southwestern United States. Kim and PJ encounter earthquakes, rockslides, rattlesnakes and a growing attraction for each other. They discover that shadows from the past can reach out to those living in the present, and that Amazons exist even today. Their spirit and strength live on in the souls of these two women."

Westover, Raymond L.
The Cause. CreatSpace, 2015. Softcover, 476 pages. "It's present time, and 28 year old, Gibbs Vant--an abundantly rich daredevil with a love and passion for trekking the 'the great Outdoors', soon finds his first trip ever to Arizona's desert southwest much more challenging than he could have ever imagined, when on a whim, he decides to hike the deep and desolate Superstition Mountain range on his own . . ."
Softcover. $19.99/$19.99.
Kindle. $7.99.

Wilbanks, Miriam,A. 1906-
A man in search of his boyhood dream. Birmingham: Miriam A. Wilbanks, Enterprises, 1997. Hardcover with dust jacket, 96 pages, with illustrations by Nancy Ridenhour.
$14.95/$25 inscribed by the author, with dust jacket.

Wisdom, Linda Randall.
O'Malley's Quest. New York: Harlequin Books, 1990.
Paperback, (18 cm.) 250 pages. Also a large print edition: Great Britain: Silhouette, c1990, 1993. Hardcover and paperback (21 cm.), 382 pages. Yet another Harlequin romance! From the back cover: "Bored with excitement, archaeologist Kate O'Malley was ready to settle down and marry Professor Jared Wyatt until her scheming Irish grandfather teased her with a proposal for one last adventure. In a sleazy Mexican bordertown bar, Kate found more than a guide to the Superstition Mountains. She found trouble. The rough-and-ready hombre who rescued her, caveman style, was the sexiest man Kate had ever seen in a beat-up fedora. It wasn't until he set her down that recognized a startling resemblance ... to a man she thought she knew." The book ends with Kate about to go on her honeymoon. Where? To see if the clues she found in a cave in the Superstitions will lead her to the Lost Dutchman mine.

Yarina, Susan C.
Timerider. Amherst Junction: Hard Shell Word Factory, 2000, paperback March 2001. Softcover, 312 pages. This is book one in the Timerider series, see the next entry for book two. These are available in print and ebook formats. From the publisher's website: "Caytlyn James, RN, had always been a strong woman, in control, mistress of her own fate. Until she found herself near death after a bad fall from a horse and a bite from a deadly Coontail Rattler. The strong arms that held her belonged to an incredibly handsome Apache Warrior, dressed in the old way. There was something different about the Mountains called Superstition that she'd lived in all her life, but she couldn’t make her muddled mind work well enough to figure out what is what. Black Hawk, Apache warrior, is a member of the fierce Black Legion Tribe whose home was the Sacred Mountain in the Arizona Territory of 1882. No woman could touch his heart, no love had ever warmed his unusual blue eyes. Yet he was incredibly drawn to the worthless "white eyes" in his arms who dressed like a man. Strong man, strong woman. Cultures clash. Sparks ignite. Can Caytlyn and Black Hawk overcome their differences, work them out in a place that holds more secrets, more danger than most any on earth? Will she stay in his time? Will they find love bigger than the Arizona sunsets?"
Book. $14.95/$14.95 inscribed.
Ebook. $6.50.
Timequest. Amherst Junction: Hard Shell Word Factory, 2004. Softcover, 303 pages.
Book. $14.95/$14.95 inscribed.
Ebook. $7.50.

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