tale of the lost dutchman/core works
  tale of the lost dutchman/core works
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  Waite, Mitchell. The continuing search for the Lost Dutchman's gold mine. 1993. A fair amount of this originally appeared in Waite's newsletter. Like them, it is a mixture of personal narrative, fictionalized accounts of parts of the Lost Dutchman story, and bits and pieces of information picked up here and there. Waite is not too critical in his presentation of some of this information.

The Lost Dutchman and Superstition Mountain Who is Who. 1995. It is a who is who but not all the whos are necessarily real. Waite makes a first effort at compiling a list of major figures both real and fictional in the Lost Dutchman canon gathering biographical "facts" from many sources. Lots of typos. A better title might be Who is Who in Dutchman Lore since Waite throws real people in with the fictional characters, making no real clear distinction between the two. Much of the content seems to have appeared first in the newsletter.

The Lost Dutchman Newsletters. Mesa, Arizona- These are bound volumes of Waite's newsletter, still being published monthly and available for free. Contact: Southwest Publications, 3836 E. Dewberry, Mesa Arizona, 85206. Among other activities Waite leads trips into the Superstitions and his newsletters often recount some of this, though they cover a range of other topics, see the above two entries.

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