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  The Unknown Prospector and Me. Has he found the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. 2001.

I bought this on eBay! The seller's description is quoted below. It is just as the seller says, a do-it-yourself publication. Mine is a photocopy of the original, bound in a spiral notebook. The text is full of typos and is poorly written, the photocopied photos black and white not color. The author says he has prospected in the Superstitions since the 1950s and that over the years he found a number of things that match clues he read about to the Lost Dutchman mine as well as features that match his interpretation of the stone maps. There is not a lot of text but there are a number of photographs that illustrate the narrative. This is not by any stretch of the imagination a serious book, but the author has no pretensions that it is - just some stories and speculation. One quote: "It is hard to come forward with anything, because if everyone knows where everything is, it would probably get destroyed. I am in preserving everything I spoke of. I would like to, or my intentions are, to try to make contacts or get in touch with someone to keep it for the state of Arizona"

"I recently acquired the very first copies of a book written by the man who calls himself The Unknown Prospector and Me (who is his wife). I have been acquainted with them for 25 years. They have written this book entirely by themselves and made the copies at an office supply company. This gentleman and his wife have been full time prospectors for 40 years. In the past, when I was in business, I got beautiful gold nuggets from him. My son, who is a gem cutter, has gotten turquoise, peridot, amethyst and various other crystals and rocks. He is now in his 80's and still travels full time and hikes to his favorite places. The book is narrated just as he tells the story. I can hear him talking as I read the pages. There are a lot of pictures in his book. They were all taken on a very inexpensive camera and are just as he saw the area; in a snapshot. The story is full of facts without embellishment. You will need to cover the information slowly or over several readings to get the full impact of the facts that he is presenting. It is full of clues he has found during his prospecting and hiking that relate to the Lost Dutchman Mine. No one else has any copies of this book at this time. This is the very first printed copy (#1) that is being offered today. If you have any knowledge of the Lost Dutchman Mine or the Lore of the Superstition Mountains, you will like this book. This material has been copyrighted."

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