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  tale of the lost dutchman/core works
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  Superstition Mountain Swanson, James A. with Thomas J. Kollenborn.

Superstition Mountain... 1981.
Ranks in the top two or three. Well written and researched. A sober, reliable, evenhanded and factual account of the lore of the Lost Dutchman and Superstition Mountain. It, and Blair's work, are the ones to read for the facts, if no others. As the subtitle suggests, the subject matter of the book encompasses not just the Jacob Waltz story but other people and events connected with the Superstition Wilderness and the physical landscape itself. Chapters cover Elisha Reavis, the geology of the area, Jacob Waltz, Julia Thomas and the Petrasches, Celeste Jones and Ed Piper, Adolph Ruth, and so on. The chronology is very useful; compare it to Barney Barnard's.

Superstition Mountain... Revised edition. 1999. A new edition with additional material. Don't miss this one.

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