tale of the lost dutchman/core works
tale of the lost dutchman/core works

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Storm, Barry.
Lost Arizona gold... 1953.
Reprints pages 65-88 and 98-128 of 1953 edition of Thunder Gods' Gold, omitting the brief section 14 of Part II, Lost Mine Prospecting, pages 89-97. The second promotional booklet Storm did for Thunder Gods' Gold. Again, the price is one dollar and there is a tear-off back page to be used to order the complete work (GD). The paging in the pamphlet reprint I have is not in order, I don't know if Storm's original is too. CM: "'An Abridged Booklet Edition of a portion of Barry Storm's Thunder God's Gold,' reprinted from the Treasure Trails edition. Includes pp. 65-128 of Thunder God's Gold, covering the story of Wagoner's Lost Ledge, Ruth's Spanish Mine, Jenkin's Lost Lode, and some of the author's experiences in the Superstition Mountains searching for the Lost Dutchman Mine."

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