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tale of the lost dutchman/core works

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Storm, Barry.
Thunder god's gold. 1986.
The content of this edition is very close to that found in the 1967 edition of Thunder Gods' Gold, but leaves out: the Golden Trails chapter of photographs; the Notes and Credits section, which leaves the footnotes sort of hanging there with nothing to refer to anymore; several brief paragraphs Storm had added to the ends of chapters for the 1967 edition; and one of the drawings depicting the stone maps, in this case the "Trail Map." Interestingly, Schoose also decided to leave out the three pages at the end of the 1967 edition as well as the one page at the start of the first chapter, Historical Treasure Troves, in which Storm paraded his obsession with the Lust for Gold--Hollywood Communist conspiracy episode. Schoose adds his own dedication, introduction, and final chapter to complete this edition.

In the chapter he adds, The Search Continues, Schoose talks a little about his growing interest in the Superstitions and his decision to move to Arizona. He engaged in a number of prospecting ventures, finding seven of fourteen mines on an old map one of his partners possessed--the map is reproduced on the last page of the book. He mentions his friend Ed Hudak, who was co-publisher with Barry Storm of Storm's book, presumably Thunder God's Gold. Hudak eventually gave all the rights to Schoose, hence this book. Same Schoose who built the current Goldfield "ghost town."

I have several complaints to make about this book. The most important one is that Schoose unwisely deletes the Notes and Credits section to which the footnotes refer. Maybe less important, maybe not, is the deletion of the part of the book covering Storm's battle with Hollywood. I think this is a valuable part of the 1967 edition; I see no reason to just edit it out, even if it is now embarrassing to Storm's reputation. I am also puzzled by his choice of photographs, and the drawings of the stone maps are even worse than those in Storm's edition. But in fairness to Schoose he is just following Storm's footsteps. Barry never seemed to be able to just let it be either.

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