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  Sheffer, H. Henry.
The missing link... 1993.
Sheffer is the Old Storyteller and it shows. He has a good time telling tales and talking about Waltz and the Lost Dutchman, but he adds nothing to that project not found elsewhere. All this is mixed in with what are the real interests here, autobiographical passages and his New Age adaptations of Native American spirituality. His spiritual odyssey in the Superstitions. It has a certain charm. This is now a handsome looking publication.

Only a dozen or so copies of the first run of the first printing survive, the rest were destroyed because of a loose binding. They have an error on page 30 in the third paragraph where it says John instead of the correct James Birch. The rest of the first printing can be found with two different covers. One is yellowish and uses a modern looking type, also says Norseman Publications on the cover, the other has a white cover and uses a less modern looking type. The 1997 revised edition is a major improvement, spreading the text out over more pages with improved and additional photographs and maps.

The legend of the Lost Dutchman. 1998.
"Stories of Jacob Waltz and his gold have proliferated through the years to the point where it truly is difficult to know what is actually true and what is fantasy. However, there certainly must have been something to the enigmatic old prospector as folks still seek out his treasure." This nice little pamphlet reprints portions of the Jacob Waltz - Lost Dutchman legend from The Missing Link. Again, this is storytelling, more like Oren Arnold than Sims Ely, if you know what I mean.

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legend of the lost dutchman

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