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  Scott, Wendell. In search of the clues to the Lost Dutchman Mine. 1999.

Scott doesn't break any new ground in this work. He presents a brief account of information he has gathered in his readings, together with his analysis and some fieldwork. Many photographs by the author supplement a modest amount of text. The author seems to support a theory that Waltz was active in the Carefree area, not in the Superstitions.

Where the trail turns south. 2002.

Scott's second work is a big improvement over his first. Based on his interpretation of information found in the George "Brownie" Holmes and Walter Gassler manuscripts Scott asserts he has found the location of a key clue to the location of the Lost Dutchman Mine - the rock that looks like a man standing in the bush. All in all, this is a very enjoyable mix of quotes from these two manuscripts, Scott's photographs and arguments, and brief accounts of his fieldwork. It is nice to see someone use Gassler's work and Scott seems to have a real affinity for Gassler. Is he right? He is having a good time regardless, and it is fun to follow along.

From the back cover: "Is one man's startling account of his daring adventure into the awe-inspiring and majestic Superstition Mountains in search of a rock that looks like a man standing in the bush - a clue that is said to lead to the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine? Dick Holmes who claimed that the Dutchman, Jacob Waltz, gave him this important clue to finding the mine, was unsuccessful in locating the rock. Before Dick Holmes died in 1933, he realized he had misinterpreted Waltz's directions. In spite of scoffing and disbelief - that rock has been found! The never before revealed photographs of the rock on the front cover appears for the very first time. NOW AT LAST, YOU CAN FOLLOW WENDEL SCOTT TO WHERE THE TRAIL TURNS SOUTH, AND SEE THE ROCK FOR YOURSELF."

In search of the clues to the Lost Dutchman Mine

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