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  tale of the lost dutchman/core works
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  See the new article by Richard Robinson, The Gate, on his currrent research.

Robinson, Richard Anthony. Why me?... 1977. For some reason Robinson didn't sell any copies of this for a number of years after it was printed (GD). Dedicated to Sims Ely.

Superstition Tablets The Superstition tablets... 1993. The 1993 reprint is a photocopy of the original edition, there is a nice illustration on the cover depicting the shadow of the "Priest" (modeled on one found on the stone maps) with the Casa Grande ruin and the Superstitions in the background. The earlier versions do not have this drawing, nor are they photocopied reprints. Here Robinson and his partner in "research" present their own "reading" of the stone maps. The author informs me that this work (The Superstition Tablets) is still evolving as his research continues, and that while not certain if and when he will republish it, the present endeavor has expanded to about a 200 page document.

Robinson's explanation of the drawing: "The artist was Laura R. Leon ... My idea was to have a cover created that captured the essence of the Robinson/Reyes theory of the Superstition Tablets. You may notice that the priest shadow is the reverse of the way it appears on the stone. This is because the back of the priest robe (according to the theory) is the San Pedro river and the front is the Santa Cruz river and with the shadow placed to the south east of Casa Grande this places these features in the correct geographical location. The cross is, of course, Casa Grande itself (again according to the theory) and the smaller hills are Walker Butte and Cholla mountain; hopefully, this rendition captured the quintessence of our theory."

Above, the author's colored version of Laura R. Leon's work; below, the photocopy.

why me? Robinson's first book.

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