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  Jenkerson, Harold.
Arizona's Bloody Gold: The Pleasant Valley Feud and The Lost Dutchman's Mine. 2000.

The connection between the legendary Pleasant Valley Feud and the Lost Dutchman tale springs from the author's interesting discovery that Andrew Starrar, Waltz's neighbor and friend in Phoenix, filed a claim in Pleasant Valley and is alleged to have been a friend of the famous Tewksburys. The author spent years researching the Pleasant Valley feud and he came to the connection with Waltz, if there is one, late in the project. This discovery led to an investigation of the Lost Dutchman story and the conclusion that the commonly accepted clues to the location of the Lost Dutchman Mine fit well the geography and history of Pleasant Valley. As he states it, "What I am attempting to present here in this writing is not that I have found the Lost Dutchman gold mine. Rather, I am presenting information that closely links Jacob Waltz with the feudists of the Pleasant Valley feud. That the clues Waltz supposedly gave to Mrs. Thomas can be located in the gold fields of the Pleasant Valley feud. With these two sets of information the question is raised, Was the gold of the feud the same gold as Waltz?" Well, it is an interesting theory, briefly argued in volume five, but it is based more on speculation than evidence and ignores, as do other accounts of Waltz's gold that locate it somewhere other than in the vicinity of Superstition Mountain, the larger body of more probable contrary evidence. The two books are, nevertheless, interesting, and Jenkerson, though not a professional historian, is steeped in the history and lore of Pleasant Valley.
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