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  Gentry, Curt. The killer mountains... 1968. Well known author does a great job telling the story of Glen Magill's trials and tribulations seeking Waltz's lost fortune. Killer Mountains Not a bad book to use for gaining a sense of what a standard statement of the "facts" is. Gentry gets a little lost in his story, a little overly dramatic depicting dangers in the Superstitions, nevertheless well written - don't miss it. It is interesting to speculate on Magill's motives, whether there was more than a little "scam" behind his actions. All in all, the best chronicle written about a treasure seeker's efforts to find the Lost Dutchman. Too bad no one was on hand to chronicle in this detail the adventures of notable treasure hunters like Ed Piper or Marie Celeste Jones. Note, the new epilogue in the 1973 paperback updates the story to July 1973. Check out that German edition!

TB: "...has as its principal advantage the authorship of a professional writer who can spell, punctuate, and construct a sentence. The book reflects a modest, though complete, amount of research." CM: "The story of Glenn Magil's(sic) 1965-66 search for the Lost Dutchman Mine and his subsequent discovery of an old mine that he at first thought was the Lost Dutchman. Included in this book are reproductions of three maps Adolph Ruth had in his possession when he made his ill-fated trip into the Superstition Mountains of Arizona."

Killer Mountains - Paperback
Das Geheimnis der Goldmine Paperback and German editions

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