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tale of the lost dutchman/core works
tale of the lost dutchman/core works
tale of the lost dutchman/core works

  This website presents a descriptive annotated bibliography of books and pamphlets written about the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine, Superstition Mountain, Jacob Waltz, and other related topics. See the Introduction for an explanation of Bibliographic and Publishing Information, as well as Notes and Comments.

A slimmed down version of this website is now available as a new book: Lost Dutchman Bibliography. $9.95 at Amazon.

The most recent additions are (December 10, 2022):
- Doug Stewart. Lost Dutchman Bibliography.
- M.L. (Mic) McPherson. Memoirs of Superstition Mountain Prospecting.
- M.L. (Mic) McPherson. Recollections of the Impossible.
- Julia Simpson. The Lost Dutchman: A Children's Picture Book.
- Shane E. Gorrell. The Lost Dutchman's Treasure: the Story of Truth.
- Rick Getsinger. Dutchman and Lost Gold.
- Matt Polston. The Lost Dutchman Mine Location: Rewriting History.
- O.L. Brown. Superstition Mountain Dreams.
- C.K. Phillips. The Superstitions.
- Debbie S. Culver. The Mystery of the Lost Dutchman Mine.
- Jace Killan, Gini Koch, Steve Ruskin and others. Superstitions: Tales from the Mountains.
- James B. Arnold. Finding the Lost Dutchman's Gold.
- Rebekah Jones. The Lost Dutchman's Secret.
- Harley Seaman. The Real Story of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine.
- Charles A. Mills. Death and Delusion in the Superstition Mountains.
- Charles A. Mills. Legends of the Superstition Mountains.
- Charles A. Mills. Gold, Murder and Monsters in the Superstition Mountains.
- Cecil Hampton. Arizona Mystery Riders.
- Susanne Matthews and Danielle Doolittle. Desert Deception.
- Lorenzo Rendon. Gold Hunters: Lure of the Superstitions.
- Ellen Behrens. Superstition Victim.
- Ron Feldman. Double Cross.
- Earl E. Gobel. Superstitions: Curse of the Lost Dutchman.
- Robert Julyan. Treasure Tale: Some Searches End with Beginnings.
- Gene Freese. Wrangler Ray and the Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold.
- Brenda Felber. Broken Curse: A Pameroy Mystery in Arizona.
- Melody Huttinger. Arrow the Sky Horse: The Mystery: Book Two.
- Charles Cubel. Driftwood Mine Ranch: Twelve Years in the Sonoran Desert at the Edge of the Superstition Wilderness.
- Kalvin Davis. It Looms Above the Valley: A Photographer's 18-Month Experience Capturing the Superstition Mountains.
- Shawn Graham. The Occult Cowboy: Journey into the Superstition Mountains.
- Richard Curwin. Percy Goes West: Love and Adventures in Apache Junction, Arizona.
- R.J. Baxa. Discovering the Lost Dutchman Mine: The Ruth-Peralta / Lost Dutchman Mine Map.

***Articles of interest by Richard Robinson.

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tale of the lost dutchman/core works - part one
For information on the Lost Dutchman look first to the works by Ely, Storm, Kollenborn, Swanson, Corbin, Jennings, Sikorsky, Blair, Gentry, and Glover. With the exception of Storm's - and anything by Storm is a major exception - these are all straightforward, serious works. A few others also deserve serious study, as noted in my comments. Regardless of their level of sophistication or use of critical methods, all the books listed here are essential in at least one respect: as the source for what's become the tale of the Lost Dutchman.

Adams, Danny A.
The Lost Dutchman Lies. Pinetop: Finder Keepers, 2005. Softcover, 163 pages, maps, photographs and illustrations.
This is from the web site, and it is on the back cover as well: "The story of Jacob Waltz, or as he is better know The Lost Dutchman, dates back to 1891. While the German immigrant was lying on his death bed, he told a story of a gold mine that held untold riches. He had said that it laid deep within the Salt River Mountains of the Arizona territory. Since the time of the Dutchman's death, the treasure hunters have came in search of this elusive mine. Some have left poorer than when they had arrived, while others never left at all. Some say that you can still hear the ones that died picking at the rocks, on a silent desert night. The names of the mountains themselves have even been changed because of the nameless men that have disappeared in what is now known as the Superstition Mountains. With this new name there have also came new legends, like the one of a spanish family named the Peralta. They according to legend, in 1847 left maps carved in stones. These are said to be maps to what we no now as The Lost Dutchman Gold mine. Then there is the famous Southwest Artist named Ted DeGrazia. It has been rumored that he had buried eighteen of his paintings in one of the many canyons that run deep within these mountains. Some have even claimed that these paintings are now worth eighteen million dollars. Since the beginning of these stories we have been left with written clues to these vast fortunes. But none of the treasure hunter have been able to break the codes that have kept these treasures hidden within the sheared cliff walls of this Superstition Mountains. That is until now!"
Softcover. $19.99/$19.99.
E-text. $14.99/$14.99.

Adams, Danny A.
Here Lies the Lost Dutchman: a hikers guide to the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Pinetop: Finder Keepers, 2005. Softcover, 18 pages, maps, photograph. Cover title. On the front cover: "A guide for all that would dare to seek the world famous Lost Dutchman gold mine." From the back cover: "The hikers guide to the Lost Dutchman gold mine contains everything you will need to know, to help you find your way into the heart of the rugged Superstition Mountain range of central Arizona. To the location of the Lost Dutchman gold mine. In the maneul(sic) you will find written instrucgtions, drawn maps, and G.P.S. coordinates. Good luck to you!"
Notes and comments:
Softcover. $8.49/$8.49.
E-text. $5.99/$5.99.

Allen, Robert Joseph. 1901-?
The Story of Superstition Mountain and the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. New York: Pocket Books, 1971. Paperback, 212 pages. It is hard to tell how many printings there have been. GD informs me there is no way to identify a 2nd printing nor has he seen any 16th, 17th, 18th, or 19th printings. After the 8th no current publication date is given other then the original 1st printing, 1971. The design on the paperback's spine changed with the 7th printing. Notes and comments.
 1. 11/1971. $.95/$2-$14.
 2. 11/1971. $.95/?.
 3. 11/1971. $.95/$3, $5.
 4. 3/1972. $.95/$7.50, $6, $4, $2.50.
 5. 6/1973. $.95/$4, $2.75, $2.50, $2.
 6. 11/1974. $1.25/$8.00, $1.50.
 7. 2/1976. $1.50/$4, $2.50, $1.50.
 8. 5/1977. $1.95/$2.95.
 9. $1.95/$1.00.
10. 1980. $2.25/$2.50.
11. $2.50/?
12. $3.50/?
13. $3.50/?
14. $3.95/$3, $2.
15. $3.95/?
20. $3.95/?
21. $3.95/?

Aoide, Noelene.
Peralta Stones: Arizona, Spanish Language, Apache Junction, Arizona. Edited by Noelene Aoide. Soph Press, 2012. Softcover, 116 pages. "High Quality Content by Wikipedia Articles." "Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. The Peralta Stones are a set of engraved stones rumored to indicate the location of the famed Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, supposedly discovered by German immigrant Jacob Waltz in Arizona, United States. The stones are named for the Peralta family, said to be an old and powerful Mexican family, one of whose ancestors, Pedro de Peralta, was the first governor of the Spanish territory in New Mexico. According to local lore, they contain a map indicating the location of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. Inscribed on the stones is the date 1847, and one stone contains a relief of a heart, which the heart-shaped stone fits perfectly. Various claims have been made about the location of the gold mine based on an interpretation of the stones . . ."
$65.25/$65.25. (on eBay)

superstition's gold
Arnold, Oren. 1900-1980.
Superstition's gold: the romantic history of hidden treasure in the Superstition Mountain with its famous Lost Dutchman Mine, including Indian legends. Phoenix: The Arizona Printers, Inc., 1934. Unpaged (32 pages) pamphlet, 8 illustrations. Cover: "Superstition's Gold / Strange Mystery Lure of the Lost Dutchman's Golden Millions." Title page: "This is a limited edition, hand-tinted in oils by Dona Linda Esposa." Notes and comments.
$1.00CBI/$100.00, $25.00, $8.

Arnold, Oren. 1900-1980.
Superstition's gold: romantic history of hidden treasure in the Superstition Mountain with its famous Lost Dutchman Mine. Phoenix: The Arizona Printers, Inc., 1946. Unpaged pamphlet (35 pages), 8 illustrations by Leigh St. John. Cover: "Superstitions gold / Strange Mystery Lure of the Lost Dutchman's Golden Millions." Title page: "Superstition's Gold / Romantic History of Hidden Treasure in Superstition Mountain with its famous Lost Dutchman Mine." Front endpaper: "This little book has become an American classic. No other legend of hidden treasure has so gripped the imagination of our people, and no presentation of it has equaled Superstition's Gold. Originally issued by the Dons Club of Phoenix, and still recommended by them as a gem for readers everywhere, it is now delighting new thousands throughout the world. First-edition copies became prized collector's items. This re-issue, illuminated and enlarged, with the fascinating lost gold history brought up to date, already is in its sixth large printing." There were also at least two limited, signed and numbered trade editions. These were sold in the stores of two fellow Dons (Arnold was the first president of the Dons), Fred Wilson and Barry Goldwater. Front endpaper: "This is a limited edition numbered and autographed by the author especially for distribution by Fred Wilson's Indian Trading Post / Phoenix, Arizona / Most Interesting Store in the Southwest." Notes and comments.
Limited edition. ?/$60, signed and numbered.
1st printing. ?/$14.00.
6th printing. ?/$30, $25.

Arnold, Oren. 1900-1980.
Ghost gold. San Antonio: Naylor Co., 1954. Hardcover with dust jacket, vii, 71 pages, 8 pages of photographs. Cover: "Ghost Gold / Strange Mystery Legend Of Treasure in Superstition Mountain." The following list of editions also includes information on the confusing variations in cloth binding colors. Notes and comments.
Different editions (all prices listed for copies with dj):
1. 1954. vii, 71 pgs, $2.00CBI/$35 signed; $25, $23, $20, $14.
(green, glossy green, dark blue green).
2. ?/?
3. 1960 c1954. Vii, 71 pages. $1.95/$7 signed; $35, $15, $9. (green, orange, copper).
Note: special 3rd edition - imprint Superstition Ho Hotel.
4. 1961 c1954. Vii, 71 pages. ?/$45, $35, $12.
(olive green, light olive buff, black, green paper, green cloth).
5. Enlarged revised edition. 1967. x, 84 pgs. $2.95/$25.
(black, yellow).
6. Enlarged revised edition. 1971. xv, 80 pgs. $3.95/$20.
(black, gray).
7. 1974, c1971. xv, 80 pgs. $4.95/$20. (gray, yellow, black).
Note: copyright 1954, 1967, 1971.

Barnard, Barney (Wayne Ellsworth). 1892-1963.
The story of Jacob Walzer: a fascinating and romanic [sic] tale of an old German prospector known to fame as the Old Dutchman and whose famous gold mine is still a mystery of Superstition Mountain. Apache Junction: Barnard (Mesa: Mesa Tribune), 1954. Illustrator and coordinator, Charles Frederick Higham. Large pamphlet, 68 pages. On the cover: "The Story of Jacob Walzer / Superstition Mountain / and its famed / Dutchman's lost mine." Only the first edition has a typo on the title page.

Barney's green 10th edition
In the table below I lay out the publishing history, listing in this order: edition, date of publication or "revised to" date, front cover color and illustration and back cover illustration, number of pages, ending date for chronology, and prices. Abbreviations for front cover information are as follows: GyPa, GyPb, GyPc means a golden yellow colored cover with a photograph type a, b, or c; GyD means a golden yellow colored cover with a drawing; GPc means a green colored cover with photograph type c; and OPc means an orange colored cover with a photograph type c. For back covers: BBD means the B bar B ranch drawing; BBP means the ranch photograph; and HM means the Higham map of the Superstitions. There are endless examples of differences in text and illustrations among various editions; see Notes and comments for a look at some of them. Examples of some of these covers.

Note: Barnard enters the scene in 1953/54 with the joint Charles Higham - Barney Barnard edition, then it was just Barney Barnard's publication (see the entry on Higham for more of this).
Higham. 1946. GyD. 55 pgs. 1946. ?/$125, $55, $26, $15.
Higham-Barnard joint edition. 1953. GyD, 66 pgs. ?/$50, $50, $46, $20.
Barnard's printings/editions:
1. 6/1954. GyPa, BBD. 68(72) pgs. 5/27/54. ?/$40 inscribed, $100, $25.
2. 8/1/1955. GyPab, BBD. 61(64) pgs. 7/4/55. $1.00/$40, $13 inscribed, $25, $24, $12, $10.
3. 12/1/1956. GyPb, BBD. 61(64) pgs. 3/3/56. ?/$170, $41, $9.
4. 12/1/1957. GyPb, BBD. Crossed out 6 in 1956 to made it 1957.
5. 12/1/1958. GyPb, BBD. Crossed out 6 in 1956 to make it 1958.
6. 1/1/1959. GyPc, BBP. 61(64) pgs. 12/1956. ?/$35, $14, $6.50, $6 inscribed.
7. 12/31/1959. GyPc, BBP. 72 pgs. 11/23/59. ?/$20, $18.
8. 2/1/1961. GyPc, BBP. 72 pgs. 1/8/61. ?/$80, $30, $20, $8.
9. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. $1.25/$35, $30.
10. 2/1/1962. GPc, BBP. Not paged, 68 pgs. 1/28/62. ?/$30.
11. 1/1/1963. OPc, BBP. Not paged, 68 pgs. 12/1962. ?/$22, $12.
12. Never seen one (GD).
13. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. ?/$30.
14. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61.
15. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. ?/$20, $25.
16. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. ?/$22, $16.
17. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. $1.50/$10, $4
18. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. ?/$27, $25, $22, $20.
19. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. (1977) ?/$25, $18.
20. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. (1978) ?/$115, $30, $20, $12, $10.
21. 8/1964. GyD, HM. 68 pgs. 1/8/61. (1979) ?/$35.

Baxa, R. J.
Chasing Pedro: the Discovery of the Lost Dutchman Mine. CreateSpace, 2015.
Softcover, 150 pages. "The legend and lore of the Lost Dutchman Mine has intrigued the world for well over a century. Thousands have searched, hundreds have died, yet the enigmatic mine site has never been found! UNTIL NOW! Chasing Pedro is the story of the decade long search and definitive discovery of the Lost Dutchman Mine site." Back cover: "The year is 1891, a man lies on a make-shift bed as he confesses to no less than seven cold blooded murders. Intermixed with his deathbed confession are vague and incomplete directions to a gold mine that contains wealth beyond the imagination. The dying man is Jacob Waltz, those he liked called him "the Dutchman," those he didn't like . . . had already been murdered. In the end, Waltz took the exact location of his mine to the grave. Thus began the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Within a year the brutal and lawless Superstition Mountains were filled with men seeking their fortune. Thousands have searched, hundreds have died, yet no one has been able to locate the lost mine site of Jacob Waltz . . . UNTIL NOW! Join me on my decade long search and discovery of one of the most famous legends of the southwest. It's time to change the legend into detailed fact."

Baxa, R. J.
Discovering the Lost Dutchman Mine: The Ruth-Peralta / Lost Dutchman Mine Map. 2019.
Softcover, 128 pages. "In 1931 the world of treasure hunting was introduced to two never before seen treasure maps. Since there introduction by Adolph Ruth, copies of these maps have become 'must have' to any and all who devote their time and resources to discovering the long lost mine of Jacob Waltz."

Bennett, Harry A. (also used the name Crossland, see entry, below)
Treasures - Mines - Indians - Death. ?:?,1970. Pamphlet, 32 pages. Photographs and chart. Cover: "Treasures Mines Indians Death / This Treasure Symbol is over 120 years old / The Peraltas Unveiled Mystery of the Superstition Mountain!" Notes and comments.

Black, Harry G. 1933-.
The Lost Dutchman mine: a short story of a tall tale. Boston: Branden Press, 1975. Hardcover with dust jacket, 134 pages, 20 pages of photographs and drawings, including the stone maps. Notes and comments.
$7.95/$42, $35 signed, $30 inscribed, $15 inscribed, all with dj.

Blair, Robert. 1921-.
Tales of the Superstitions: the origins of the Lost Dutchman legend. Tempe: Arizona Historical Foundation, 1975. Both hardcover and softcover, 175 pages, with maps, photographs, and illustrations. With an introduction by Barry M. Goldwater, photographs by Wink Blair, maps by Don Bufkin. Notes and comments.
Softcover. $4.95(now $12.95)/$5.95, $10, $18, $20, $65.
Hardcover. $15.95/$15.95, $20, $25, $43, $75.

Burbridge, Jonathan S.
Arizona's monuments to lost mines, 1940: trail signs, symbols and maps. Reno: Jonathan S. Burbridge, 1969. Pamphlet, ii, 43 pages. Numerous photographs, one map. On the cover the title is just a little different, "Arizona's Monument / To Lost Mines / 1940 / Trail signs, Symbols and Maps. / Reason to "Beware" / The Apache Curse. "Notes and comments.

A. Truman Helm sketching Mike Burns. (photo courtesy of Dave Helm)
Mike Burns and A. Truman Helm
A. Truman Helm
A. Truman Helm's image Burns, Mike (Hoomothya, Wet Nose). 1864-1934.
The legend of Superstition Mountain. Phoenix: Arizona Printers, Inc., 1925. Pamphlet, 9 pages, photograph on ivory cover, no illustrations.

Burns, Mike (Hoomothya, Wet Nose). 1864-1934.
The legend of Superstition Mountain. Phoenix: A. Truman Helm, 1927, c 1925. Pamphlet with string ties, 13 pages, two photographs (Superstition Mountain and Mike Burns), illustrations by Helm. Title page: "The Legend of Superstition Mountain by Mike Burns - Hoomothya - Wet Nose / Edited and Revised by Loyde E. Kingman / With Illustrations by A. Truman Helm / Copyright 1925 by Loyde E. Kingman / Published 1927 by A. Truman Helm Phoenix, Arizona." The small drawing by Helm on the left is from the 1927 edition.

Weaver's Needle by A. Truman Helm (courtesy Dave Helm)    
A. Truman Helm's painting of Weaver's Needle
Burns, Mike (Hoomothya, Wet Nose). 1864-1934.
The legend of Superstition Mountain. Phoenix: Arrowhead Studios, 1935. Title page: "New illustrated edition." Pamphlet, 15 pages with illustrations. The 1935 edition replaces the photographs of Superstition Mountain and Mike Burns in the 1927 version with drawings of the same subjects by Helm. It also contains several new illustrations by Helm and moves some of the others around just a bit. The content remains the same as the 1927 edition but adds a note to the end of the Foreword by Helm on Mike Burn's death. See Notes and comments for more, including photographs, one of Mike Burns, the other of A. Truman Helm and Mike Burns (see also above). See, Waterstrat in Related Works for a biography on Hoomothya.
1925. Photograph on ivory cover, no illustrations. ?/?
1927. Brown cover with drawing. ?/$75, $55, $45.
1935. Blue cover with drawing. ?/$50, $16, $5.50.
SMHS/$2.00. (Copy of the 1935 edition)

Chabak, Michael.
The LDM Enigma - analyzing the legend. Michael Chabak, 2007.
Large softcover, spiral bound, viii,116 pages with maps and color photographs (on 22 unnumbered pages). Chabak works his way through a number of the more important aspects of the Lost Dutchman tale, offering a range of plausible alternative interpretations as he goes. By the end of the book he's surprised by his own profoundly sceptical conclusions. An unusual approach and enjoyable in a devil's advocate sort of way. Well-organized, nice use of maps. From Final Notes: "Up until 2005 I totally believed that the LDM existed and was within the western Superstitions. I surmised that the only viable reasons why no one had yet to find the LDM was due to the unbelievable rugged terrain, plus the lack of anyone correctly interpreting the clues. By the time I finished this manuscript, my blind belief had been shattered. I can no longer even categorically state that the LDM actually exists! Part of me wants to believe the LDM is real and that it is still somewhere out there. The other part of me has grave doubts. It is a conflict between belief and truth; for as all of you know, it is far easier to believe in something than to accept the truth that destroys your belief. In essence this manuscript was designed to shake you up. 116 years have elapsed and the LDM is just as much of a mystery in 2007, as it was back in the time of Storm and Ely. Logic says that there is something wrong with the accepted storyline and the details pertaining to it. Therefore you have to look at the LDM legend from a different perspective. One of you out there has the capability to solve this enigma. My utilization of alternative possibilities was designed to show you how to go about this. You must be able to think outside of the box and then follow up on the possibilities it presents. If I can convince enough of you to adopt this approach, chances are that one of you will solve the mystery."

Chabak, Michael.
In pursuit of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Further speculations and appraisals. Michael Chabak, 2009.
Large softcover, spiral bound, vi,76 pages with maps. From the book: "In my first book "The LDM ENIGMA" I adopted the basic premise that the LDM was in the Superstitions and ran my analysis along those lines..... But I also offered some speculations that did not conform to the accepted storyline. In this current book "In Pursuit of the Lost Dutchman Mine," I'm playing the Deveil's Advocate to the hilt. It is a critical reevaluation of the two cornerstone elements that form the foundation of the entire legend. (This is the Julia Thomas/RJ Holmes stories). Also examined are a number of aspects that in one way or another, tie in with these cornerstone elements. Some of the conclusions are brutal and for many mainstream buffs, will be difficult to accept. ... To put it in simple terms, this will be an evaluation from the perspective of an LDM skeptic!"

Chabak, Michael.
The Lost Dutchman Mine legacy. Michael Chabak, 2011.
Large softcover, spiral bound, iv, 85 pages with maps and photograph. From the Introduction: "Previously I presented a book entitled "The LDM Enigma". It basically accepted the legend as is and attempted to propose various possible locations for the Lost Dutchman Mine in the western Superstitions. My second book, "In Pursuit of the Lost Dutchman Mine" took a more critical look at the overall legend, and began to offer speculations on what that analysis suggested. After publishing both I did find some minor errors and a few speculations/conclusions that needed to be revised or changed. This "Legacy" book therefore reflects the latest analysis of the LDM material, taken to the point of presenting conclusions, based on logic and common sense examinations."

Chabak, Michael.
Stone Tablets: Genuine or Fake? Michael Chabak, 2011.
Large softcover, spiral bound, 45 pages.

Clayton, Mark.
The Conclusion to the Original Peralta Stone Maps: The King's Royal Treasure. Bloomington: Trafford Publishing, 2009.
Softcover, 80 pages. Publisher's website: "...debut author Mark Clayton takes readers on the treasure hunt of a lifetime as a group of committed friends set out to discover the long lost royal riches stashed somewhere in the Superstition Mountains of the Arizona Desert. Filled with never before revealed secrets and factual information that promises to electrify every reader's sense of adventure, Clayton's book brings a measure of wonder as well as closure to the mysterious Spanish legend of the King's Royal Fifth, a treasure that has been sought for more than 150 years."

Superstition Mountain/Lost Dutchman Museum.
The clues to the Lost Dutchman.
Pamphlet, 4 pages. Nineteen clues are provided.

Conatser, Estee (Shirley T.).
The Sterling Legend: the facts behind the Lost Dutchman Mine. Dallas: Ram Publishing Company, 1972.
Softcover, ix, 98 pages with map insert. Ten pages of photographs, seven illustrations, annotated bibliography. There is also a limited hardcover edition, 1972. Starting with the third printing the publisher is Gem Guides Book Co., chapters note on the author and annotated bibliography are dropped, and it is now 94 pages. The seventh printing sees a nice new front and back cover. Notes and comments.
1. 1972. Softcover, ?/$50 map, $25 map. Hardcover, ?/?
2. 1974. $4.00/$17.50 map, $7.50.
3. 1979. $4.00/$20, $7.50.
4. 1983. $4.00, $4.95/$4.95 map, $6.50 map.
5. 1987. $5.00/$5.95 map.
6. 1993. $7.95/$7.95 map.
7. 2002. $9.95/$9.95 map, $5.95 map.

Corbin, Helen.
The bible on the Lost Dutchman gold mine and Jacob Waltz: a pioneer history of the gold rush. Prescott: Wolfe Publishing Company, 2002.
Softcover, 375 pages. Many maps, photographs, and documents. There is also a limited signed and numbered leather-bound edition available from the author. Notes and comments.
Softcover. $24.95/$24.95; $17-$106.
Leather-bound, signed and numbered. $100/$100.

Corbin, Helen.
The curse of the Dutchman's gold: the true story of Arizona's most cryptic mine. Phoenix: Foxwest, 1990.
Softcover, 237 pages. Numerous photographs, also maps and documents. Cover: "The Curse of the Dutchman's Gold / Never before revealed photographs of Jacob Waltz's deathbed ore / They've each searched for over 30 years. Arizona's Attorney General Bob Corbin and Historian Tom Kollenborn open their secret files on the Lost Dutchman's Mine." Into its sixth printing. Notes and comments.
1. $12.95/$10, $12.95.
2. $12.95/?
3. $12.95/$12.00.
6. $16.95/$16.95.

Crossland, R.C. (also used the name Bennett, Harry A.)
This trail was dangerous. Yuma(?): Sun Graphics, 1984. Pamphlet, 72 pages. Notes and comments.

Davis, Gregory E.
Early Newspaper Articles of the Superstition Mountains and the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society, 1992.
Photocopy, 48 pages. Compiled by Gregory E. Davis and edited and prepared by Joyce Johnson. Notes and comments.
$5.00/SMHS, signed.

Dayton, Ronald.
A Cyber Sleuth in Search of Truth and Treasure., 2015.
Softcover, 122 pages. "The legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine claims over 900 pounds of gold is buried in the Southwestern United States. Such a find would total over one billion dollars in today's gold market. Naturally, this long lost gold mine has attracted treasure hunters from all over the world. Since 1892, those with adventure in their hearts and gold on their minds have descended upon the Superstition Mountains in Arizona intent on finding the Lost Dutchman's treasure. But...What if the treasure concealed in the Lost Dutchman Mine was more valuable than one billion dollars in gold? This is a story of a family tradition (and obsession) to locate the mine and identify the Dutchman's long lost treasure. Years of research have culminated in decoded clues, connections never before imagined, and a shocking treasure revealed."
Softcover. $40.60

Ely, Sims. 1862-1954.
The Lost Dutchman Mine - the fabulous story of the seven-decade search for the hidden treasure in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1953. Hardcover with dust jacket, 178 pages. Cover: "The Lost Dutchman Mine / The Fabulous Story of the Seven-Decade Search for Historic Treasure in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona." Dedication: "To the Memory of Jim Bark my Lifelong Partner in the Arizona Mountains / S.E." See the text of the wonderful talk given by Northcutt Ely, Sims Ely's son, in 1988 to The Fortnightly Club of Redlands, California. Notes and comments.
Printings (all with djs, unless noted):
1. $3.50/$1,000, $880, $602, $575, $230, $103, $65 inscribed, $25, $27, $28, $30, $35, $50, $58.
2. January 1954. $3.50/$50, $45, $25, $17.
3. April 1957. $3.50/$50, $20.
4. December 1960. $4/$80, $15, $16.
5. October 1964. $4/$185,$30.
6. April 1966. $4.50/$175, $155, $65,$30, $20, $15, $12.

The Lost Dutchman Mine Ely, Sims. 1862-1954.
The Lost Dutchman Mine - the fabulous story of the seven-decade search for the hidden treasure in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1953. Hardcover with dust jacket, 191 pages. Second printing, 1989. The content and look are just like the U.S. version; even the dust jacket is the same. However, the overall dimensions of the book are just a little smaller and Shope's nice map on the endpapers in the U.S. edition is moved to pages 16-17 of the British edition. There are at least two variants of the first edition: green cloth binding with gold lettering and red cloth binding with black lettering.
10s.$197, $143, $123, $22.
Second printing. ?/$80

Ely, Sims. 1862-1954.
The Lost Dutchman Mine. London: Hamilton & Co. Ltd., 1955. Paperback, 158 pages. "A Panther Book." "First published by Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1953 this Panther Edition now published, 1955." On the cover: "Violent death guarded the secret of the Apache goldmine in western Arizona." British paperback edition has neither subtitle nor map, but the text is the same and the dedication carries over. Has a great cover illustration.

Feldman, Jesse James.
Jacob's trail. The legend of Jacob Waltz's Lost Dutchman gold mine. 2009.
Large softcover, numerous photographs and maps, 368 pages. Edited by Michael Lee McPherson. Cover design by Odessa Kelley. From the author's website: "With the help of The Quentin Cox Notes (a handwritten manuscript never before published), Jesse Feldman discusses the history and the legends of those early times in the Superstition Mountains and adjacent areas. Jacob’s Trail arms Dutchman Hunters with new key Lost Dutchman Mine stories. Stories that will force even the most jaded Dutchman Hunters to reconsider what they believe. By no means before has the legend been told in this context. Even if you have never experienced the thrill of searching for lost treasure, you just might find yourself donning a back pack in the Superstition Mountains, and joining the hunt!" And: "Jesse Feldman is a member of Historic Exploration And Treasures (H.E.A.T.). In September 2004, the U.S. Forest Service granted H.E.A.T. the first treasure trove permit in the history of the Superstition Wilderness. For nine months H.E.A.T., teamed with Rio Salado Archeology, excavated an old mine thought to contain Spanish gold and silver bullion. H.E.A.T. did not find bullion. However, they discovered archaeological evidence suggesting that Hispanic miners had been to the Superstition Mountains, about the time of the Mexican Period, 1821 – 1848. This is a very controversial and highly rejected theory by Arizona historians, because the Superstition Mountains were on the southern border of Apacheria (central Arizona ), known for the hostile Apaches who lived there. Jacob's Trail discusses those days of Apacheria, and how this supposition may be more than theory."

Fraser, Jay.
Lost Dutchman Mine discoveries and a history of Arizona mining. Tempe: Affiliated Writers of America, 1988.
Softcover, vii, 120 pages, 16 pages of color photographs and a map. On the cover: "Dutchman's Mine Located Near Carefree / Evidence Indicates Lost Spanish Mines / Maps & Pictures Inside Reveal Landmarks." Notes and comments.
1. 1988. $8.95/$48, $19, $15 inscribed, $14, $9.95, $8.95, $5.95.
2. 1989. $9.95/$11, $9.95.

Gardner, Erle Stanley. 1889-1970.
Hunting lost mines by helicopter. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1965. Hardcover with dust jacket, 287 pages. Numerous photographs, some in color, and a map. Notes and comments.
$7.50CBI/$100, $45, $40, $31, $30, $25, all with dj.

Garman, Robert L.
Mystery Gold of the Superstitions. Mesa: Lane Printing & Publishing Co., 1975.
First edition: pamphlet, 88 pages, numerous photographs, several maps and illustrations. Cover: "Mystery Gold of the Superstitions / plus nine other exciting true stories of the Superstitions / Fact Not Fiction!" The second and third printings have two additional four page unnumbered sections, one at the front, the other at the back of the work. The second printing is a pamphlet, the third is a softcover book. Mesa: Lane Printing & Publishing Co., 1977 and 1980. The subtitle on the cover of the second printing changes to "and nine other true accounts in the search for the / Dutchman's Lost Mine." The third printing changes it back to the original wording. Notes and comments.
1st edition, 1975. ?/$20.
2nd edition, 1977. ?/$8.00.
3rd edition, 1980. $2.95/$22, $3.25.

Gentry, Curt. 1931-.
The killer mountains: a search for the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine. New York: New American Library, 1968. Hardcover with dust jacket, 212 pages, with 8 pages of photographs and maps. Cover: "The great story of the last search for the Lost Dutchman Mine." Notes and comments.
Printings, all with djs.:
1. July 1968. $5.50/$55, $50, $43, $35, $25, $22, $20, $8.
2. November 1968. $5.50/$15.00.
3. February 1969. $5.50/$12.
4. March 1969. $5.50CBI/$35, $28, $25, $15, $8.
5. August 1969. ?/$15.

Gentry, Curt. 1931-.
The killer mountains: a search for the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine. New York: Ballantine Books, A Comstock Edition, 1971. Paperback, ix, 246 pages, with 8 pages of photographs and maps. The second printing, 1973, has a new epilogue written in July 1973, entitled: "The rediscovery of the Lost Dutchman Mine."
1. July 1971. $1.25/$4.95, $10.
2. November 1973. Cover: "Latest 1973 Findings." $1.25/$3, $1.95.
3. 1977. $1.95/$7.00.

Gentry, Curt. 1931-.
The killer mountains: a search for the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine. London: Andre Deutsch, 1971, c1968. Hardcover with dust jacket, 212 pages, 8 pages of photographs and maps. British edition. Different dust jacket design and the book is just a little larger in size than the U.S. edition.
1.50p net/$7.50, $8, $16, $18 all with dj.

Gentry, Curt. 1931-.
Das Geheimnis der Goldmine: Die warhe Geschichte einer dramatischen Schatzsuche im 20 Jahrhundert. Wurzburg: Arena-Verlag Georg Popp, 1973. Hardcover, 174 pages. Illustrated by Kurt Schmischke. Translated by Kurt Lütgen. The German edition of Killer Mountains.

A. Truman Helm
A. Truman Helm's image

Getsinger, Rick.
Dutchman and Lost Gold. Independently Published, 2021.
Paperback, 118 pages.
Paperback. $12.95.
Kindle. $4.00.

Glover, Thomas E.
The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz. Part One: The Golden Dream. Phoenix: Cowboy Miner Productions, 2000. Softcover, xiv, 384 pages, many illustrations, maps and photographs. Contains extensive notes, bibliography, further readings, and an index. Second printing, 2004 ("includes both technical corrections to the first printing, plus some new material which was not available at the time of the first printing.") On the title page: "The Legend and History of the Lost Dutchman Mine." On the back cover: "Separating Fact From Fantasy / New information! Over a decade of research by the author and more than 50 years cumulative research by his partners and him includes: Lost histories of Phoenix, early Arizona, and its pioneers - The only ore analysis of the Dutchman gold - Never-before published photographs, including many prominent pioneers - Over 30 maps, including 20 military and treasure maps, most never published - Clues and sites cross-referenced to the Hiker's Guide to the Superstition Wilderness." See also the author's extensive web page, with primary source material, and a book review. Notes and comments.
First. $19.95/$19.95.
Second printing. $22.95/$75, $43, $22.95.

Glover, Thomas E.
The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz. Part Two: The Holmes Manuscript. Phoenix: Cowboy Miner Productions, 2000. Softcover, xiv, 176 pages, many illustrations, maps, photographs and index. Dedicated to George "Brownie" Holmes and Billy Harwood. On the back cover: "The Holmes Manuscript is the only surviving account of any of the pioneer families originally involved with Jacob Waltz (the "Lost Dutchman")and his gold. Here unfolds for the first time the original story of Jacob Waltz and the Lost Dutchman Mine, accompanied by original Holmes' family photographs." Notes and comments.
$17.95/$75, $17.95.

Glover, Thomas E.
Treasure Tales of The Superstitions, Clues, Maps and Twice Told Tales. Prescott: Granite Creek Press, 2015. Softcover. 487 pages. "The Lost Dutchman Mine, including Jacob Waltz's deathbed confession, plus over 25 additional lost mine and treasure tales of the Superstition Mountains-many pointing the way to the Dutchman. Plus independent tales such as the Cave of the Bronze Cross and Senner's lost gold. Included are over 50 maps-from the locations of clues, to lost mine maps, to old military maps. Tales are documented and compared against the known history of the people involved, their times and places. The book finishes with "Twice Told Tales", a free ranging campfire discussion between the author and his partner, Len, of some of the "old timers"-who they were, who they knew, and what they knew."

Gorrell, Shane E.
The Lost Dutchman's Treasure: the Story of Truth., 2022.
Kindle. $14.00.

Hatt, Jim D.
The Peralta Stone Maps to the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine? The Stone Crosses and the Latin Heart. Published by Jim D. Hatt, 2005. Small stapled pamphlet, 22 page. Maps, illustrations, and color photographs. Foreword by Ron Feldman. Pictures of Ron Feldman and the author. Included are color photographs of the stone maps and the two crosses, as well as illustrations of the inscriptions on both sides of the heart stone. Jim Hatt's handsome new pamphlet is a fascinating contribution to the on-going debate in certain circles over the origin, purpose and meaning of stone tablets (or maps) found in the 1940's. Hatt's theories are reasonable and perceptive and based on a great deal of information and insight. Central to his view is his argument for the essential role played by the heart stone (he refers to it as the "Latin Heart") in a proper understanding of both the relationship between the maps and of what it is one is supposed to do once one reaches "the end of the trail." Two very useful illustrations of the inscriptions on the front and back of the heart stone are included, as are the author's translations. If that weren't enough, Hatt also proposes that the two stone crosses, found years after the stone maps turned up, are in fact part of what he refers to as the Peralta stone maps set, and that a proper understanding of their inscriptions supports such a claim. This is all fascinating stuff, whether one believes in the authenticity of the stone maps or not. Hatt also tells a bit of the history surronding the finding of these two sets of stone "maps" and speculates a bit on how it came to pass that maps such as these exist and the circumstances of their loss. Another valuable publication from Jim Hatt that shouldn't be missed. From the foreword: "The way to solve the mystery that the Peralta Stone Maps present is to follow the directions engraved right on them, "BUSCA EL MAPA," Study the trail Maps, and then follow them to where you think they lead. When you have arrived at the end of the trail, "BUSCA EL COAZON," Study the Latin Heart. If you find the landmarks specified on the Latin Heart in the vicinity around you, YOU ARE AT THE END OF THE TRAIL!"

Hatt, Jim D.
Jenkins' Lost Lode: the untold chapter in the legend of "Jenkins' Lost Lode." Published by Jim D. Hatt, 2005. Small stapled pamphlet, ii, 10, and 3 unnumbered pages. Maps and color photographs. Forward by Clay Worst. Pictures of Clay Worst, the author, Al Reser, Chuck Aylor, and others. "In Memory of and with Many Thanks to Alva "Al" Reser." On the cover: "Amazing new information (Never before published) Includes Maps to, and Photos of, a Location kept Secret for nearly 70 years! The True Story of the Gold Studded Quartz found by William "Bill" Jenkins while on a family picnic in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona in 1937." The Jenkins tale is told in Barry Storm's 1945 Thunder Gods Gold. But that, as it turned out, was not the last word. From the front cover of Hatt's work: "The story presented in Storm's book appears to give intimate details about the location where Jenkins found this rich sample in a canyon identified by Storm as Willow Creek. However ... a hand written letter from George Snell to Chuck Aylor in 1957 gives a detailed account of an actual trip made in 1937 by Barry Storm, George Snell and Francis Spichal and personally guided by Bill Jenkins to the area where Jenkins believed he picked up the rich gold ore. Interestingly ... the canyon that Jenkins led the three men to in 1937 is not the canyon named in Storm's book." Copies of the letter Snell wrote to Aylor in 1957, as well as his map, were given to Hatt and Worst by Al Reser in 1995, and are included in the pamphlet. Hatt also presents a brief account of the trip he made with Worst in 2003 to try and sort out this mystery. This is a great addition to Dutchman lore, and Hatt, cagey Dutch hunter that he is, leaves out just enough to keep a few things secret from the reader - which is what it appears Storm did in 1945. I especially liked Worst's Foreword in which he talks about some of his experiences with Storm and in which he offers as good an assessment of Storm as one is likely to find.
Signed and numbered limited edition. ?/?

Haywood, Carl W.
Lust for Dutchman's Gold: Lost Treasure of the Superstition Mountains. Rockman's Trading Post, Incorporated, 2013. Softcover, 188 pages. "Half a century ago, four friends at Arizona State University set out following clues in search of the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine believed by many to be somewhere in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. Much of the information presented in this new book is being published for the first time. It's a new look at the history and legends surrounding the Superstitions. First time readers as well as those who have followed the Lost Dutchman Mine legend for years will be intrigued by this unique account of events that took place in the deep canyons and recesses of those foreboding mountains more than half a century ago - just a few miles from Phoenix."
Kindle. $4.99.

Higham, Charles Frederick (John Lindley). 1885-1963.
True Story of Jacob Walzer: a fascinating and romantic tale of an old German prospector known to fame as the Old Dutchman and whose famous gold mine is still a mystery of the Superstition Mountains. El Paso: McMath Company, Inc., 1946. Large pamphlet, 55 pages. Maps and illustrations by Higham and a photograph of the author. Cover: "True Story of Jacob Walzer and his Famous Hidden Gold Mine (The Lost Dutchman) / Drama - Adventure - Mystery - Murder / Gold is where you find it -- go look for it." Back endpaper: "Palo Verde Studio, 2206 West Jackson St. Phoenix, Az." "$2.00" written in pencil on the cover of one copy examined. There are two different colors for the binding on the spine of the first edition; one is a buff color, the other dark green. Notes and comments.
Buff binding. ?/$125, $55, $34, $38, $26.
Dark green binding. ?/$50, $15.

Higham, Charles Frederick and Barney Barnard.
True Story of Jacob Walzer: a fascinating and romantic tale of an old German prospector known to fame as the Old Dutchman and whose famous gold mine is still a mystery of the Superstition Mountains. Apache Junction: Higham and Barnard, 1953 or 1954.
Large pamphlet, 66 pages. Maps and illustrations by Higham, photographs of the authors. Joint edition. Added to Higham's original cover, "New Edition" and "Barney Barnard and Charles Frederick Higham." On the copyright page: "Copyrighted / by / Rancho Del Superstition / Home of the B bar B / Apache Junction, Arizona. / All rights to this publication reserved by the Authors." See Barnard and Notes and comments.
?/$50.00. Biography.
?/$50.00. Biography, missing pages.
?/? No biography.

Holder, Ralph.
Mistic Memories of the Superstition Mountains. Apache Junction: Ralph Holder, 1993.
Pamphlet, 56 pages. Maps, photographs, and chart of treasure symbols. Cover title, no title page. Notes and comments.
$5.00/$38, $15, $7.50, $5 signed.

Huckabay, Charles H.
The Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. 2003. Bloomington: 1stBooks, 2003.
Softcover, 65 pages, with maps, photographs, and illustrations. This book is also available from AuthorHouse. Notes and comments.
Electronic book edition. $3.95/$3.95.

Humphrey, Don. (1934-2003)
Jake and Me in the Superstitions. Shalma Humphrey, 2004. Small spiralbound booklet, 103 pages. Edited by Bill Holman, with a foreword by John Zapf,and a photograph of the author. Included at the back of the booklet is a nine page reprint of material, courtesy of the Superstition Mountain Historical Society, written by Tom Kollenborn on Jacob Waltz and the Lost Dutchman story. This little book is about about several trips Humphrey took with his buddy Jake in the late 1970s to look for the Lost Dutchman. Humphrey tells of their adventures and misadventures in a lighthearted, enjoyable fashion, revealing a sensitivity to the beauty of what he saw not often encountered in the work of other authors. An unusual and nicely done publication, but it is not for sale, intended instead for the author's friends and family.
Limited edition; not for sale.

Jacobson, Donald W.
The Lost Dutchman--In Plain View. Donald W. Jacobson, 2019. Softcover, 88 pages. "For treasure hunters that have long searched for the Lost Dutchman Mine, they will enjoy being lead through a 24 years search and discovery from clues left behind on the Peralta Stone Maps. As the author, Donald W. Jacobson, states, 'Finding the Peralta Mine--which later came to be known as the Lost Dutchman Mine--isn't a story by itself. Since my finding the mine in March of 1993, I've learned it was only a part of a labyrinth created by one man obsessed with driving future treasure hunters in circles. His name, I'm sure, was Manuel Peralta.'"

Jenkerson, Harold D.
Arizona's Bloody Gold: The Pleasant Valley Feud and The Lost Dutchman's Mine. Cover title. Datil, New Mexico, copyright 1998, first printing 2000.
Large softcover, 236 pages and 36 pages. Book Two of the Pleasant Valley Series. Contains volumes 4-5: "Arizona's Bloody Gold" A Condensed and Analytical Version of the Pleasant Valley Feud (pgs. 1-236); The Pleasant Valley Feud and The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine (pgs. 1-36). Book One of the Pleasant Valley Series, The Bloody Pleasant Valley Feud Arizona Territory 1882-1892, (cover title) contains volumes 1-3: The Gathering Storm in Arizona (pgs. 1-222); Killers Stalk the Arizona Mountains (pgs. 1-170); Vengeance Burns in Arizona (pgs. 1-146). The cover page for volume four: "Gold Fever / Is there a connection between the Pleasant Valley Feud and the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine? / You Decide!" From the title page for volume 4: "Ol' Jake's Secret Was Out! / Arizona's Hidden Secret Revealed! / Was The Lost Dutchman's Gold behind Arizona's Bloody And Bitter Feud?" From the back cover: "Was there a connection between the bloody feud and the gold from the Lost Dutchman's Mine? The gold field of Pleasant Valley was in the Diamond Butte area. All of the clues that can be gleaned from the writings on the Lost Dutchman gold mine can be established in the same area. Did the young Tewksbury boys follow Waltz to his gold mine unbeknown to him? The gold of the feud was kept secret except for the public records which had to be recorded to keep others from taking the claims. The gold claims of the Tewksburys and the Grahams were in the same area. Cattle, horses, and sheep did play a prominent role in the feud. However, the gold was at the bottom of it." Notes and comments.
Book One. $44.00
Book Two. $34.00

Jennings, Gary.
The treasure of the Superstition Mountains. New York: Norton 1973.
First edition. Hardcover with dust jacket, 247 pages, 8 pages of photographs, maps, and bibliography. On the cover: "The story of the Lost Dutchman gold mine and / the mysterious mountains of Arizona." No second printing (GD). Notes and comments.
1. $7.95/$18-$60, all with dj.
3. $7.95/$10-$29, all with dj.

Johnson, William and Michael.
Spirits in the mountain: very, very dangerous, find the heart, find the treasure. Apache Junction: Spirits in the Mountain, 2007.
Large paperback, 112 pages, map and many color photographs. Also Brothers Publishing: Kindle edition, 2010. 2652 KB. From the back cover: "This is a true, powerful, adventurous and thrilling story about two brothers from New England. They were spiritually led into the Superstition Mountians of Arizona to solve one of the greatest mysteries Arizona has ever known. The evidence is powerful and convincing. Seeing is believing." From the authors: "As you join us you can feel and experience the adventure of a lifetime. Experience the multiple life-threatening situations as the two brothers from New England make their discoveries, the evidence accumulates and they slowly close in on the Peralta treasure. See the actual photos of the gunmen from when two brothers were being surrounded in the Superstition Mountains as they searched for the many clues found on the Peralta Stone Tablets. See the close-up photos of the center of the Heart, the actual door and the bull's-eye where the Peraltas hid their treasure of gold. See the full-color photos of the Spanish Treasure symbol of the sun with an eye in the center of it staring at the reddish door in the center of the Discovery Heart. There is no Dutch book like Spirits in the Mountain ever written. This book is definitely a one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime adventure."
$21.95/$21.95, signed.
Kindle edition. $7.95.

Kenworthy, Charles A.
Treasure secrets of the Lost Dutchman. Encino: Quest Publishing, 1997.
Softcover, 96 pages, with maps and photographs. On the cover: "including interviews with the Peralta Gonzales family." Notes and comments.
$14.95/$86, $76, $14.95.
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