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tale of the lost dutchman/core works
tale of the lost dutchman/core works - part two
tale of the lost dutchman/core works - part two

tale of the lost dutchman/core works - part two
A. Truman Helm

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Kelley, L. Kathleen.
Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, Found?
Blurb, 2015. Softcover, 130 pages. Title page: "Just Go and Prove Me Wrong!" "How I found the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine and have proof in pictures posted by others on the internet in the forums."

Kesselring, Robert L. and Lynda R. Kesselring.
Reading Peralta Maps. Volume 1: Maps in Stone and Skin. Lulu Publishing Services, 2013
. Softcover, 124 pages, with maps photographs and illustrations. The authors "tell how they deciphered the maps' secrets, revealing the existence of more than one hundred square miles of trails, mines, and buried bullion. This first of two volumes tells how the Kesselrings learned to interpret the maps and obtained the physical evidence to support their claims. Volume 1 discusses how maps created on stone and skins were employed for gold mines, camps, and the treasure of the Church of Santa Fe. Reading Peralta Maps discloses tricks, symbols, and secret signs, sharing each solved maps' GPS coordinates to help visitors reach the sites."
eBook. $8.99

Reading Peralta Maps. Volume 2: The Latin Heart. Lulu Publishing Services, 2013. Softcover, 152 pages, with maps photographs and illustrations. "The Latin Heart continues the journey that began in the previous volume . . . which revealed the signs leading to the treasure of the Church of Santa Fe. Now authors Robert L. and Lynda R. Kesselring discuss how the maps, particularly the Latin Heart Map, enabled them to find the site of the Peralta battle, where the family had hidden their thirty-one caches of bullion as well as what may be the Lost Dutchman Mine. This volume shares the Kesselrings' scientific analysis and interpretation and shows the physical evidence that supports their claim. While providing insight into historical lore and legend, Reading Peralta Maps: Volume 2: The Latin Heart reveals the location of a cache in the Superstition Mountains and shows the underground images of bullion bars. Including GPS directions, this guide reveals the location of the sites for visitation."
eBook. $8.99

Kollenborn, Tom.
Legends of Superstition Mountain. Apache Junction: World Printing, 2004, 1998, 1995 (c1982).
First edition, 1995. The cover adds: "Legends and Lore, Facts and Fiction of the Superstition Mountains." Pamphlet, 12 pages. One thousand copies printed. Second edition, 1998. Pamphlet, 12 pages. Now has a few photographs. Third edition, 2004. Pamphlet, 13 pages. German language edition: Legenden der Superstition Mountain. Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Museum and Historical Society, 2001. Large stapled pamphlet, 7 pages, 28 cm. Translated into German by Ralf Grossmann and Jennifer L. Stark. On the title page: "Legenden und Sagen, Fakten und Fiktion um die Berge Superstition Mountains." Notes and comments.
1st edition. $2.50 /$2.50.
2nd edition. $2.50/$2.50.
3rd edition. $2.95/$2.95.
German language edition. $2.95/$2.95.

Kollenborn, Tom.
The Chronological History of the Superstition Wilderness Area, the Lost Dutchman Mine and the Adjacent Central Mountain Region. A Chronological Listing of Associated Prehistory and History 300 B.C. to 2000 A.D. Tom Kollenborn, 1988, revised 2000
. Large hardbound, vii, 445 pages, extensive subject index, list of indexed periodicals, as well as 42 pages of photographs, illustrations, and a map. Second edition, 2004: hardbound, vii, 454 pages. Same content as the previous edition with the addition of an appendix: Bibliography of Superstition Mountain and the Lost Dutchman Mine (Revised October 31, 2004). This attractive new edition is bound in a new green color with a gold colored image of a prospector and burro on the cover. Dedicated to George W. Kollenborn, the author's father, and to fellow Dutchman author and researcher Gregory E. Davis. Published by the author in a very limited edition that was sold only to libraries. The author labored many years on this project to index articles in 322 different newspapers from 1859 to 2000 on 10,000 different events, places, and persons in the central mountain regions of Arizona. An amazing accomplishment, an invaluable scholarly research tool.
First edition. $125.
Second edition. $150.
Paper. $37.50.

Kollenborn, Thomas J. and James A. Swanson.
Superstition Mountain: a ride through time. Phoenix: Arrowhead Press, 1981.
First edition. Hardcover with dust jacket, 210 pages, with illustrations, photographs, maps, chronology, bibliography and an index. Foreword is a letter from Bob Corbin. On the cover: "A history of the Superstition Wilderness." The three page "In Recognition" section thanks a number of the authors in this bibliography: John Wilburn, Robert Garman, Barney Barnard, Ludwig Rosecrans, Ted De Grazia, Gregory Davis, Truman A. Helm, Barry Storm, Charles Higham, and Shirley Conatser. There are several interesting editions of Superstition Mountain. There are 25 leather bound copies of the third printing, a special signed and numbered first edition, and the Presidential Edition, one of which was presented to then President Reagan. One other note here, 2,500 copies were printed in both 1991 and 1993, but due to a printer's error both printings say fifth; there is no way to tell one from the other.

Superstition Mountain: a ride through time. Revised edition. Apache Junction: World Publishing Corp., 1999. Softcover, 239 pages. "Part 1 of the Superstition Mountain Series." A new edition with additional material. Notes and comments.
1. 1981. Presidential Edition. Hardcover, 14 copies. ?/$1500.
1. 1981. Numbered collector's edition. Hardcover, 107 copies. ?/$125, $100 numbered, signed, dj.
1. 1981. Hardcover, 2,500 copies. $10.95/$75, $63, $30, $20, all signed with dj.
2. 1982 (November). Hardcover, 2,500 copies. $?/$27.50, $25, $20, all with dj.
3. 1986. Limited hardcover edition, 25 copies. ?/?
3. 1986. Softcover, 2,500 copies. ?/$10, $8.
4. 1989. Softcover, 2,500 copies. ?/$7, $6.50.
5. 1991 (1993). Softcover, 5,000 copies. ?/$12.95.
6. 1999. Revised edition. $14.95/$207, $24.95 signed, $14.95.

Kollenborn, Thomas J. and James A. Swanson.
Superstition Mountain Part II: in the footsteps of the Lost Dutchman.
Apache Junction: Kollenborn and Swanson, 2008. Large softcover, 249 pages with many photographs. First printing. Cover: "Part 2 of the Superstition Mountain Series." Another outstanding publication from Tom Kollenborn and James Swanson. Twenty-eight new chapters on important figures in the Lost Dutchman tale, from Barry Storm to Ron Feldman, Cecil Stewart, Glenn Magill, Charles Kenworthy, and Tom Mix, among many others. A nice looking publication with informative photographs. Essential reading.
$22.95/$22.95 signed.
$150/$150 limited edition, leather bound with slipcase, numbered and signed.

Larson, Ernest W.
The Peralta cache. Stockton: Mavern Company, 1977.
Softcover, iv, 138 pages. Numerous photographs and some illustrations. Title page: "by Ernest W. Larson As told by Floyd Moore." On the cover: "The Original, Exciting, True Adventure Story / About The Arizona Superstition Mountains,/ And / The Peralta Cache." Introduction by Ernest Larson. Notes and comments.
the making or the motion picture
?/$7.95, $7.

Lee, Robert E. 1922-1994?
The making of the motion picture The Lost Dutchman Mine. San Diego: Dick Martin Co., Inc., l974.
Softcover, 80 pages, 16 pages of color photographs. There also is a limited hardcover edition. On the cover: "The Lost Dutchman Mine and How The Documentary Movie Of The Story Was Made / Researched And Written By Robert E. Lee." Dedicated to, among others, Barry Goldwater, Barney Barnard, Ed Piper, and Al Morrow. Good photograph of Barney Barnard. Notes and comments.
Softcover. $4.00/$4.00 inscribed, $4, $5.95, $7, $12.50, $16.50, $20.
Hardcover. ?/?

Lively, William Irven. 1878-1961.
The mystic mountains: a history of the Superstition Mountains. Phoenix: W.D. Lively, 1955. Softcover, 29 pages, 2 illustrations. Notes and comments.
?/$65, $30.

Marlowe, Travis (Clarence O. Mitchell).
Superstition Treasures. Apache Junction: T. Marlowe; Phoenix: T. Marlowe, 1965 (Phoenix: Tyler Printing Co.).
Pamphlet, 64 pages, with photographs, some in color. Paper and clothbound editions. Notes and comments.
Paper. $2.50/$25, $4.95.
Cloth. $3.50/$28.80.

Mell, Eleanor.
Hunting Old Snowbeard's Gold. CreatesSpace, 2012.
Softcover, 94 pages. Kindle edition, 658 KB. Subtitle: Searches for and Seekers of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. ". . . explores Arizona's most famous mystery, the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. It takes the reader from the birth of Jacob Waltz and the tales of his gold through decades of famous search efforts, topping off at one of Arizona's 2012 Centennial Celebrations. By following through to the most recent search efforts and adding events of the times for each quest, the book offers a different perspective on a familiar lore . . . an adventurous look into a legend of the Wild West and an exciting history book intended for readers of all ages."
Kindle edition. $5.99
CreateSpace edition. $21.98

Morrow, Albert Erland. ?-1970.
Famous lost gold mines of Arizona's Superstition Mountains. Compiled and edited by Albert E. Morrow and assistant editor Greta Morrow. Kansas City: Printed and published by Albert Morrow and Greta Morrow, 1957. Large typescript copy with hand drawn cover, 18 pages. Notes and comments.

Mosier, Amy Michelle. 1979 -
Treasure Maps of the Superstitions. Tempe: Golden West Publications, 2006. Large Softcover, 163 pages, with 59 pages of maps, illustrations, and photographs. On the cover: "The Peralta Stone Maps show a route to a new and different treasure than the Lost Dutchman's Mine." Photograph of the author on the back cover.

Olney, Ross R. Lost Treasure of the Superstitions. Lulu, 2012. Large Softcover, 221 pages. "This is the true story of the famous Lost Dutchman treasure as this author sees it, and offers a completely new theory on the location of the massive treasure. This location is within a stone's throw of the thousands of tourists who visit the forbidding Superstition Mountain area every year to have fun and to "find the Lost Dutchman." For the past one hundred years or so, they have no idea how close they might have been. A map? Yes. Read the book. The hand drawn map created by an old timer who says he has seen the gold with his own eyes is available, and almost free." Also eBook: 634 KB (155 pages), 2013.
eBook. $2.99
Paper. $12.95/$12.95

Pabst, Ralph M. 1920 -
Jacob von Walzer facts: then & now! Arizona: Augury Press, 1992. Softcover, (6)231 pages, numerous photographs, 8 in color, 2 maps and 1 document. Edited by Jerry Coblentz. On the cover: "Jacob von Walzer / Facts: Then & Now! / Superstition Fame / Ralph M. Pabst, Ph.D." Half-title page: "Superstition Mountain / The Dutchman / Jacob Waltz." This book may never have really been for sale, I only know of one copy. Notes and comments.

Pearce, Lawrence.
Lost Dutchman Gold Mine: Location Discovered. Kindle edition, 2012. 23KB. "This is the true story of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. It's based on months of research in the archives of Arizona university libraries to find the real story behind the legend. Millions of people have heard about the name and thousands of people come to Arizona every year to look for it. You are about to learn the actual location of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. But be prepared because the location will surprise you."

Pinson, Ronald E.
The Dutchman and Geronimo: legend of the Superstitions. Rimrock: PWG Publishing, 2009. Large Softcover, x, 107 pages, and 15 pages of maps and photographs in appended Maps and Aerial Photos. Other maps and photographs in the text. Editor Joan Brainard Pinson. Kindle edition. DWG Publishing, 2013. The author states: "In conclusion I do not believe there has ever been any gold mines within the Superstition Mountain range. I do not believe there was or is a mine that Jacob Waltz had in the late 1800's. By everything I have seen and all the evidence I have found I think the Lost Dutchman mine was a fabricatioin by someone or by the Dutchman to make people think he had a gold mine. I think it is more realistic that the Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Mine and his gold being in the Superstition Mountains was to hide the fact that Geronimo and the Dutchman were smelting the Spanish Doubloons down to nugget size so they could cash it it."
Kindle edition. $3.99.
$14.00/$14.00. Inscribed.

Ramses, John Victor.
Quest for Peralta Gold: a hidden history of Red Mountain. Warwick, Western Australia: Onetavera Enterprises, 1999-2000. Large softcover, 138 pages, numerous photographs and maps. Notes and comments.
$15.95/$15.95. Inscribed.

Reinhardt, Phil and Rick Gwynne.
In search of the heart: deciphering the Peralta Stones.. Apache Junction: End of the Trail LLC, 2008.
Softcover, 80 pages, numerous maps and photographs. From the cover: "Are they 160 year old maps to a vast treasure buried deep in the Mysterious Superstition Mountains of Arizona? Or a cruel Hoax! We will show you the TRUTH." From the authors' website: "Phil Reinhardt and Rick Gwynne have been able to solve the mystery of the 160-year-old Stone Tablets known as the Peralta Stones. With the aid of an aerial photograph from the Crawford Archive and more than 40 years of experience in the mountains they were able to decipher the clues contained on the Stone Tablets and follow them to what they believe is a treasure buried at the End of the Trail. Many of the existing theories about the Stone Tablets and their associated maps are compared along with Web links to active and on going discussions. They have included detailed photos, GPS coordinates, Google Earth views of all the clues. Join them as they explain the secrets of the Stone Tablets and take you on this incredible journey Straight To The Heart."
$14.95/$14.95 signed.

Reynolds, Gene.
Borrego 13. Gene Reynolds, 2005. Limited Edition CD-ROM of the Borrego 13 manuscript, 300 images and a five page conclusion. This CD-ROM contains 300 jpegs, one of each page of the manuscript, this is not a digital text. Second edition, 2007. Same as the first edition, but with the addition of 85 photographs by the author. The author can be contacted at From the notes with the CD: "Borrego 13. It all started in 1975 when a then young man named Gene Reynolds got involved with a private detective in Oklahoma City. Gene was given an assignment - to find out all he could about a man that was shot and killed in Arizona hunting for what be believed to be the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. In his travels and endeavors, he found out much more than he had bargained for. Gene went from Washington, D.C. to San Diego and nearly everywhere in-between tracking down information that would eventually lead him to a lost mine in California that he found. He now not only had proof that Adolph Ruth was there, but The Peralta's of old Mexico as well. Not only did he find the California mine, but he also found additional clues that may very well lead him to the Lost Dutchman as well. Now he has to decide what his next move is going to be." The private detective in Oklahoma City is Glen Magill, whose story is chronicled in Gentry's book The Killer Mountains. It is great that Reynolds has made this manuscript available, well worth reading, quite a story.
First edition. $35.00/$35.00.
Second edition. $35.00/$35.00.

the superstition tablets Robinson, Richard Anthony. 1940-
Why me?: Conquest of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Laguna Hills: Aegean Park Press, 1977. Softcover, 49 pages. On the cover: "A True And Exciting Adventure Story / Why Me? Conquest Of The Lost Dutchman Mine." Notes and comments.

Robinson, Richard Anthony. 1940-
The Superstition tablets: window to lost treasures. Laguna Hills(?): R.A. Robinson, 1993. Pamphlet, 44 pages, 5 photographs of stone maps, some illustrations and maps. The first printing has no cover art. From the 1993 reprint: First draft: January 10, 1987; Present draft: November 26, 1987; Reprint February 1993. This reprint (photocopy) is the same as the Nov. 16, 1987 printing. Notes and comments.
1st printing. Plain cover pamphlet. ?/?
2nd printing. Plain cover pamphlet. Inverted photograph on page 47 (GD). ?/?
3rd printing. Photocopy reprint with cover illustration, pamphlet. ?/$8 signed.

Note: a number of Robinson's articles are featured on this web site.

Rosecrans, Ludwig G. (Doc). 1914-1986.
Spanish gold and the Lost Dutchman. Mesa: Lofgreen Printing & Office Supply Co., 1949. Pamphlet, 64 pages, with photographs and maps, cover and sketches by John W. Bowers. There are variations in the colors used on the cover. Notes and comments.
First Edition 1949. $1.00/$47.50 signed, $35.
Second Edition 1953. 64 pages. $1.00/$20, $7.
$5.00/SMHS (second edition).

San Felice, Jack.
Lost El Dorado of Jacob Waltz. Mesa: Millsite Canyon Publishing, 2008. Large spiral bound, 132 pages. Numerous maps and photographs, plus two pages of color photographs. A fascinating new and rather unique appraoch to the Dutchman tale by an author who knows the story and the physical terrain as well as anyone. Author's statement: "Lost Eldorado of Jacob Waltz is based in part upon the newspaper article by Pierpont C. Bicknell. It is also based on my research and recollections of the treasure stories I have read over the last 20 years, and of the many reminiscences of numerous "Dutch Hunters," Peralta Treasure Hunters and Jesuit Treasure Hunters. The Bicknell story is of importance because of the time period. Bicknell published his story in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1895, just four short years after the death of Jacob Waltz, the "Dutchman," when the facts were still fairly fresh in the minds of those who were key players in this story of death, deceit and untold golden riches. Bicknell had access to the first Dutch Hunters, Julia Thomas, Reiney, Herman and Gottfried Petrasch. He also supposedly interviewed Dick Holmes and Gideon Roberts who were at the Dutchman's deathbed and later Jim Bark and many others who also knew the Dutchman's story...During his interviews he probably took literary license with the story, but within his liberties he probably gives us the freshest look at the Dutchman story...However, after reading Bicknell's article many times over the years, and after researching the difference between fact and fiction regarding the Dutchman, I believe that Bicknell was probably closer to the truth than he realized." The truth, the author argues, is that the gold will not be found in the western part of the Superstitions, where it has traditionally been thought to be located, but rather in the eastern part of the Superstitions. This is a handsome publication full of photographs and maps. Very enjoyable, presenting lots of good up-to-date information and speculation. Highly recommended. See new edition, below.

San Felice, Jack.
Lost El Dorado of Jacob Waltz. Mesa: Millsite Canyon Publishing, 2015. Softcover, 454 pages. New edition. "Arizona's Lost Dutchman Mine." "Lost El Dorado of Jacob Waltz is based on over 25 years research and diligently searching Arizona's Superstition Mountains for the world famous Lost Dutchman Mine. This book contradicts the common tale of the mine being in the western Superstitions near Weaver's Needle. Jack San Felice relies on factual and scientific evidence regarding the search for the precious metals and the illusive mine. The author takes a quantum leap of faith and new direction, which leads people closer to the truth, although, many skeptics will always hold the old axiom, when the myth becomes greater that the truth print the myth."

San Felice, Jack.
Treasure Trails of the Superstitions. Mesa: Millsite Canyon Publishing, 2006. Large spiral bound, 120 pages. Maps, photographs, and illustrations. First edition. On the copyright page: "Printed for the Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum." From the Introduction: "This fascinating book covers an overview of the tales, legends and Treasure Trails of the Superstitions, from the early days of Spanish exploration through the 19th, 20th and 21st century searches for gold and silver and buried treasure. It contains many treasure maps, including the Jacob Waltz and Lost Dutchman Mine maps, Peralta Stone maps, Fish Treasure map, Ortiz Map, Peralta-Ruth maps, Weiser-Walker Weeden map, real gold and silver mining maps. It also contains a brief explanation of each map. Many men have searched the Superstitions and nearby mountains for wealth, but few have found it. Many have perished during their searches. Strange and weird things are said to have happened within these mountains. Those who have said they have found the Lost Dutchman's Mine have not lived to spend the wealth. The searches continue.!!!!"

San Felice, Jack.
Lore of the Superstitions: with lore, legends, tales, maps and bibliography related to the Superstition Mountains and the Lost Dutchman and Lost Peralta Mines. Jack San Felice, 1999. A limited reprint edition by the Superstition Mountain Historical Society. Large spiral bound notebook, 112 pages. Maps, photographs and illustrations. Author's statement: "The author compiled and updated this booklet during a period of 10 years of conducting research and lecturing on the Superstition Mountains. It was first primarily designed for students to acquaint them with the mountains and give an overview of many of the diverse types of legends and information written about these famous mountains. A formalized book has been written by the author and is in manuscript form. It also contains many personal experiences and photographs of the various famous and not so famous people of the mountains. The author gives first person descriptions of many of the canyons and trails taken during his hikes, horseback and 4-wheeling in the mountains. Jack San Felice 2003." Designed as a notebook for students, this contains a very useful mix of original material and reprints of other author's works. A good introduction as such, and a useful supplement to other works.
SMHS $14.95.

Savage, Dutch.
Hidden treasures of Arizona: the Lost Dutchman Mine, the Lost Peralta Mines, the Jesuit hidden treasure. San Francisco: Dutch Savage, 1995.
Stapled photocopy of a manuscript, 41 pages. Illustrations and maps. "Revised December 18, 1995." There is a newer edition too, copyright 2000. Notes and comments.
1995. $5.00/$5, signed and numbered.
2000. $15/$15, inscribed.

Scott, Wendell.
In search of the clues to the Lost Dutchman Mine. Herkimer, NY: Freelance Publishing, 1999.
Spiral bound booklet, 101 pages. Forty-six plates of photographs and two maps. Notes and comments.
$12.95/$12.95, signed.

Scott, Wendell.
Where the trail turns south. Herkimer, NY: Freelance Publishing, 2002.
Spiral bound booklet, 77 pages. Numerous photographs, including one of the author on the back cover. On the cover: "Found Clue to the Lost Dutchman Mine." Notes and comments.
$9.00/$9.00, signed.

Shade, Don. 1915-1996.
Esperanza. Ventura: Paraclete Publishing, 1994. Softcover, 168 pages, with photographs, maps and documents. No title page. On the cover: "The world famous Lost Dutchman Mine / Esperanza / This is an anthology of the travels of man through the Valley of Illusions." On the copyright page: "The World Famous Lost Dutchman Mine / Superstition Mountains / Arizona Mining / Judas Thomas." Notes and comments.
?/$74 signed, $19.95 signed.

Sheffer, H. Henry.
The missing link: an historical accounting of Jacob Waltz and the "Dutchman's Lost Gold." Apache Junction: Norseman Publications, 1993.
Softcover, 97 pages, iii, bibliography, acknowledgments, and index, with several photographs and maps. First printing 1994. On the cover: "H. Henry Sheffer III The Old Storyteller." Two different colored covers.
$10/$10.00 signed, $45.00, $10.00 (both covers).

Sheffer, H. Henry.
The missing link: an historical accounting of Jacob Waltz and the "Dutchman's Lost Gold." Apache Junction: Norseman Publications, 1997.
Softcover, 162 pages, bibliography, acknowledgments, and index, with photographs and maps. Second printing, revised. Notes and comments.

Sheffer, H. Henry and Sharyn R. Sheffer.
The legend of the Lost Dutchman. First edition. Apache Junction: Norseman Publications, 1998.
Pamphlet, 12 pages, photographs, map. Notes and comments.

Sidinger, Karl K. and Alice L.
A new trail to the Dutchman. Glendale: Karl K. and Alice L. Sidinger, 1986.
Large softcover. Unpaged (30 pages), with two maps and six photographs. On the cover: "...A portfolio documenting the Peralta-Ruth canyon." Notes and comments.
?/$8.50 signed.

Sikorsky, Robert.
Fools' gold: the facts, myths and legends of the Lost Dutchman Mine and the Superstition Mountains. Phoenix: Golden West Publishers, 1983.
Softcover, 143 pages, with numerous photographs, maps, and extensive bibliography. See Notes and comments for the details on the "dot".
1. 1983. $5.00/$12.95, $8.95, $5.00 no dot; $5.00/$5 dot.
2. $5.00/$7.95, $6.

Quest for the Dutchman's gold: the 100-year mystery! the facts, myths and legends of the Lost Dutchman Mine and the Superstition Mountains. Phoenix: Golden West Publishers, 1983, 1991. Softcover, 157 pages, with numerous photographs, maps, and an extensive bibliography. Reissue of Fool's Gold under a new title. Notes and comments.
1. $6.95/$3.95.
4. 1993. $6.95/$6.95.
5. 1994. $6.95/$6.95.
6. 1996. $6.95/$6.95.

Spencer, Neil.
The Jesuits and Dutchman Gold Connection: the Gold Still Remains a Mystery. Neil Spencer, 2015.
Kindle book. "Dozens of treasure hunters have died looking for the legendary lost mine. At least one may have found it first."
Kindle. $2.99.

Trail of the Lost Dutchman
Stolz, Jan Bernard.
The Lost Dutchman - Jacob Waltz: The true story of Jacob Waltz and the Lost Dutchman Mine. CreateSpace, 2018.
Softcover, 68 pages. (Mysteries Revisited, Volume 2) "Finally, the true story of Jacob Waltz and his famous Lost Dutchman mine. The honest, unvarnished truth an how it became twisted into a legend that lives on today."
Softcover. $15.00

Storm, Barry (John T. Climenson). 1913-1971.
Barry Storm wrote a number of books. They are listed separately. See
Barry Storm.

Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
Fact and Fiction of the Dutchman's Lost Mine. Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society, 2006.
Spiral bound, 58 pages, with photographs and maps. Cover title. From the copyright page: "A compilation of history, legends and lore of the famous "Lost Dutchman" gold mine of the Superstition Mountains from the archives of the Superstition Mountain Historical Society collected, written, edited and prepared for publication by the various members of the Board of Directors." The authors that are credited are: Clay Worst, Gregory Davis, Tom Kollenborn, and Steven Creager. Contains a section on Lost Dutchman Maps. A good quick introduction to the basic story.

Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
Superstition Mountain Historical Society Journal. Volumes one and two. Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society, 2011.
The annual journal now on DVD. Volume One, 1981-1991. Volume Two, 1992-2002.
Vol. One. $20/$20.
Vol. Two. $20/$20.

Taylor, Emory.
The Treasue Box Conspiracy. Part One. My Room Publishing, 2016. 263 pages. Part Two, 2016. Part Three: The Ones What Done It. My Room Publishing, 2016. 293 pages.
"The Superstition Trilogy." "Edited by Emory Taylor, The Treasure Box Conspiracy is a Doc-u-book (a book of documents with commentary by the editor). Divided into two books (Part One and Part Two) The Treasure Box Conspiracy contains the documented record of the endeavors of Charles Melvin Crawford, aka Chuck Crawford, aka Black Bart, to find the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, to prove his discovery of gold and platinum in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, and to defeat a conspiracy by the Federal Government in a court battle over the validity of the Cheryl Anne mining claim, located in the Upper La Barge Box within the Superstition Wilderness Area. Officers of the Federal Government engaged in underhanded tactics, lying, and possibly the murder of Dennis Brown as they went all out in a conspiracy to rid the Superstition Wilderness Area of Chuck "Black Bart" Crawford. . . . Steeped in Gold, platinum, diamonds, greed, murder, conspiracy, spying and underhanded tactics by the Forest Service, the story of the last man who got to live the legend of La Barge awaits you."
Part One. Kindle. $5.00.
Part Two. Kindle. $5.00.
Part Three. Kindle. $5.00.

The Unknown Prospector and Me.
Has he found the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine - four decades of prospecting in the Superstition Mountains.
Cover title. No place of publication, copyright March 27, 2001. Large spiral-bound photocopy, 49 pages. Numerous black and white photographs. On the cover: "Told by The Unknown Prospector and Me." Notes and comments.

Waite, Mitchell. 1950-)
The Lost Dutchman newsletters. Mesa: Southwest Publications, 1991-- Bound volumes of the newsletter. This newsletter is still being published, see Notes and comments.
Vol.1 1990. 6/1989 - 5/1990. Softcover, 138 pages. $9.95/$9.95.
Vol.2 1992. 6/1990 - 5/1991. Softcover, 149 pages. $9.95/$9.95.
Vol.3 1993. 6/1991 - 5/1992. Softcover. $9.95/$9.95.
Vol.4 1994. 6/1992 - 5/1993. Softcover, 130 pages. $9.95/$9.95.
Vol.5 1997. 6/1993 - 5/1994. Softcover, 130 pages. $9.95/$9.95.
Vol.6 1997. 6/1994 - 5/1995. Softcover, 130 pages. $9.95/$9.95.
Vol.7 1997. 6/1995 - 12/1996. Softcover, 130 pages. $9.95/$9.95.
Vol.8 1998. 6/1997 - 12/1997. Softcover, 90 pages. $24.95/$24.95.

Waite, Mitchell. 1950- The continuing search for the Lost Dutchman's gold mine. Colorado Springs: Southwest Publications, 1993. Softcover, 169 pages. Photographs and illustrations. Notes and comments.

Waite, Mitchell. 1950- The Lost Dutchman and Superstition Mountain Who is Who. Colorado Springs: Southwest Publications, 1995. Softcover, 138 pages. Notes and comments.

Waite, Mitchell. 1950- Superstition Mountains Photos and Points of Interest. CreateSpace, 2012. Softcover, 46 pages, maps and photographs. Kindle edition. Amazon Digital Services. 3811 KB. "Full color photos and Topographic Maps of points of interest in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona."
Softcover. $14.95/$14.95.
Kindle edition. $3.95.

Ward, Bob (Robert L., also wrote under the name Val Paris). 1924-1991.
Ripples of lost echo's. Apache Junction: Tract Evangelistic Crusade,1990 (Mesa: Webcrafters?) Softcover, 132 pages, with numerous maps, photographs and a few illustrations. Prefatory letter from Bob Corbin. On the cover: "True story of Superstition Mountains / Ripples of Lost Echo's / True story of the Webs of intrigue within the Superstition Mountains of Arizona / Possible solution of the Ruth Map, Peralta Stone Maps and the Map of the Crosses." Notes and comments.
$5.00/$5, $6, $15, $22.

riddle of the lost dutchman Wilburn, John D.
Riddle of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Mesa: Lofgreen Printing and Office Supply, 1975.
Pamphlet, 48 pages, maps and photographs. Notes and comments.
?/$6, $6 signed.

Wilburn, John D.
Superstition gold mines and the Lost Dutchman. Mesa: Lane Printing and Publishing Company, 1978.
Pamphlet, 32 pages, illustrations, maps. Third printing: Mesa: Arizona Specialty Printing, 1984. Pamphlet, 31 pages, illustrations, maps. Notes and comments.
1. 1978. ?/$5.50.
2. 1980. ?/$7.95 inscribed, $6.
3. 1984. ?/?

Wilburn, John D.
Dutchman's lost ledge of gold. Mesa: Publications Press, 1990.
First edition. Pamphlet, 31 pages, with photographs and maps. On the cover: "Dutchman's Lost Ledge of Gold And the Superstition Gold Mining District." Notes and comments.
1. 1990. ?/$8.40.
2. Mesa: Publications Pr., 1993. $3.95/$3.95.
3. Apache Junction: General Business and Industrial Printing, 1995. $4.00/$4.
4. Same, 1999. $4.95/$4.95.
5. Same. 2003 (not dated, but published in 2003). $4.95/$4.95.
6. Same, 2006. $4.95/$4.95.

Wilson, James L.
Cracking the golden egg: in hot pursuit of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Portland: Inkwater Press, 2005.
Large hardcover, 139 pages, maps and many black and white photographs. Title page: "A contradictory explanation of the Peralta Stone Tablets and the Peralta Master Map; The Jesuit Occupation of the Superstition Mountains of Arizona." From the back cover: "This story is my journey that began years ago, a spiritual journey that continues even until this day. Being interested in lost treasures, I began my search for the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine located in the Superstition Mountains just east of Apache Junction, Arizona. I was a Vietnam helicopter pilot. The experience and knowledge I received from combat enabled me to interpret some of the oldest rock petroglyph images and carvings that are known today: the Peralta Master Map and the Peralta Stone Tablets. These discoveries led me to the opinion that the Peralta Stone Tablets are of Jesuit origin; their secrets, which are public record, were to have been kept secret. The Peralta Stone Tablet images are complex; they are pieces to a larger puzzle that will eventually be complete. History changes now. Photographed Peralta Stone Tablet image locations are shown; they range from a few hundred feet in height to approximately a mile in length being contained in a small area of the vast mountain range. Illustrations of the Fish Treasure Map and the Minas Del Oro Map are shown from different periods of history but each marking the same location. You will discover, as I did, secret places that have been lost in time. A fire will be lit inside you: the excitement of the hunt, whether it is in the mountains or in your easy chair, will burn once again. GodÂ’s speed be with you. James L. Wilson Bandit 27." Although the copyright is 2005, this book came out in 2007.

Manuscripts. The Superstition Mountain Historical Society provides photocopies of the following manuscripts in their reprint series. These are important additions to the other publications listed in this guide. Especially noteworthy are the ones by Holmes and Ruth. Prices are current. All, plus many other works in this guide, can be ordered from the Superstition Mountain Historical Society/Lost Dutchman Museum.

Gassler, Walter.
The Lost Peralta-Dutchman mine (1983). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
58 pages. "Walt Gassler's notes on the Dutchman Legend."

Holmes, George "Brownie".
Story of the Lost Dutchman (1944). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
41 pages. Unpublished manuscript by Dick Holmes' son.

Kollenborn, Thomas.
Al Senner's lost gold of Superstition Mountain (1982). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
24 pages. "A story of Goldfield and 1,000 pounds of highgraded gold ore." See Corbin's book for more.

Lewis, Alfred Strong.
Saga of Superstition Mountain (1945). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
18 pages. "A history of the Superstition Mountain, the Apaches Rain God, the Peralta massacre and Goldfield and it's mines."

McCarthy, James.
Indian fighting-gold-silver on the Superstition trail. Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
27 pages. From the Arizona Daily Star, April-May 1931. "Prospector who went alone into Apache country after treasure, tells experiences circa 1881-1885."

Rose, Milton.
Rainbow's end (1940). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
"Story of the Lost Dutchman gold mine." 61 pages. "This is a copy of the original unfinished manuscript on the Lost Adams, Lost Doc Thorne and Lost Dutchman Gold. It was first written in 1940 and revised in the 1970's and 80's."

Ruth, Erwin C.
The fervent romances in seething Mexico (1931). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society.
Ruth manuscript, part one. 53 pages. Adolph Ruth's son.

The story of the Mexican gold mine (1931). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society. Ruth manuscript, part two. 53 pages. By the son, before his father's final fate was known.

Stewart, Adam. The Adam Stewart Papers (1928). Apache Junction: Superstition Mountain Historical Society, 1993. 19 pages. Edited and prepared by Joyce Johnson. "The following is from a group of papers found by Art Weber in the abandoned cabin of Adam Stewart, in Peralta Canyon, sometime in the 1930's."
1937, 1936 Dons Trek tickets/1936 by Reg Manning.
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